Saturday, December 3, 2011

Advent Day Three- O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

 It was Chloe's day to open a door on the Advent box.  For an 18 month old, just the action was plenty exciting;)  The fact that there was something inside made her ecstatic!

Day Three's Advent Message says:

It's TIME TO DECORATE THE CHRISTMAS TREE!!!!!  We will have a special evening as a family decorating the tree and having a special dinner.  We will also read The Legend of the Christmas Tree.

 The first ornament out of the box...everyone wanted to go first;)  (The ornament is special- it is from Tanzania, given to us by our dear friends there.)

Wearing Santa hats while decorating has become a tradition.

 Cheers!  We couldn't forget the warm apple cider!

 Special dinner with Christmas Tree plates (it was very kid friendly- lasagne, fresh rolls, and mixed veggies;).  We read the aforementioned book at the beginning of our meal.

 Our kids love surprises, so tonight though having dessert in and of itself is pretty special, we had them guess what it could be all through dinner and made them hide their eyes when Marc brough it to the table.

 Frosty Tree Ice Cream Treats.

It was a hit;)  Who knew you could eat Christmas Trees!

This evening was pretty perfect, aside from Pandora's Christmas Station getting stuck on us a couple times.  Things don't always go as planned and there is always joy in the unexpected, but when a day GOES as planned, as this evening did, it is rare and a huge blessing.  I definitely am pondering today in my heart.


  1. i love reading about all the days of advent, especially since I am going to be able to do that with our family before too long. Reading these posts makes me want to be a kid again in your family! :-) Karla

  2. love your ideas- so fun!!! and the Tz ornament!! yeah!