Monday, December 12, 2011

Advent Day 12- Improv

Advent Day 12 was originally supposed to entail stringing popcorn and putting it on the trees in the backyard for the animals to eat.  We were going to read this cute kids book about the animals in the stable welcoming Jesus.  Alas, the rain made the plans a little hairy so I quickly improvised and slipped a new piece of paper in door #12.

This hastily written message read:

Tonight is Ava's Christmas program!  We will all dress up in our Christmas best and go watch our favorite 5 year old sing Christmas carols.  We'll have a special dinner first at the restaurant of Ava's choice.  WAIT!  There's more, this afternoon you guys get to do the Window Clings you lost last week.  Thanks for fixing your behavior.  Have fun sticking them on whatever windows you want!

I think this was Phin's first experience with Window Clings...he loved it;) 

Ava took the leading in showing Phin they could go throughout the house sticking them on windows;) 

 Ava is front row center right.

 Ava hates and I do mean hates tights.  I specifically took a Target trip today to get her a pair in size 7-10 thinking perhaps the 4-6 are small and that is the issue.....

Evidently if we would like her to keep her dress down in public (or even private for that matter;)....tights just don't work.  She spent half the concert tuggin' 'em up!

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