Saturday, December 10, 2011

Advent Day 10-

Advent Day 10 Message read:
Today we will read The Christmas Sweater.  Then we will do a special project to show love for one another.

The Christmas Sweater is about a little boy who desperately wants a bike for Christmas but realizes that the most precious gift is the sweater his mommy made for him because love goes into every stitch and love is the "magic" of Christmas.

Our "special project" was to make Christmas Stockings for one another.  We drew names to decide who made whose.
 Hard at work;)

Phin made Ava's.  Ava made Mom's. Papa made Phin's.  Chloe Made Papa's (that is actually a total lie since I did every bit of it, but ssshhhh). Mom made Chloe's.

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