Saturday, February 8, 2014

Silly Supper- Olympic Opening Ceremonies

I got this text from my friend Christina at 12 noon yesterday.

I am thankful, because this time of year, getting motivated is sometimes the hardest step in my motherhood journey.  I love doing Silly Suppers and the truth is, at this point, I have so many different supplies in my cabinet and a folder full of ideas, not to mention a Pinterest board that I add to whenever I want to remember where something is online.  Pulling if off, really doesn't take too much work or money, just a bit of effort.

I remembered my fourth of July picnic goods I bought this summer that remained unopened because our house flooded that afternoon (I don't even remember what we ended actually eating on the fourth, I memory blockage of that day!).  They are patriotic colors and I thought, I'll just do a patriotic picnic and be done with it...and then I checked Pinterest.  Man, are there some FUN Olympic themed party ideas;)  I almost went off the cliff and planned a Russian food buffet, made of foods I've never made before.  Yes, I almost fell prey to the danger of Pinterest, people.  It sucks me in and makes me start thinking crazy things are good ideas...I mean some bloggers take really amazing photographs...really amazing and they make me think, I need to do THAT!

Thankfully, I snapped out of my Pinterest trance and I reigned it back in.  I reminded myself that it was 1:30pm and my kids are all under 7 and would never appreciate Borscht for dinner.  (Yes, I do expect a pat on the back for this one, I am proud of myself.  Reigning it in=GROWTH for me!:)  Hot dogs and Hamburgers are all American...and more importantly already in my fridge.  I quickly made gold medals and a torch, got my littles up from nap and went to pick Ava and her playdate up from school.

We had a fun and no stress evening;)  The truth is, the kids just love anything that I put effort into.  If I make an atmosphere of excitement, they jump in with both feet;) Russian food would have made cool, refined, elegant blog pictures (trust me or just look here;), but wow, am I glad this is my reality.  Silly, bright colored, grill fare- totally my speed right now!

Left over birthday streamers, in the Olympic colors and the Olympic rings made of fruit (Blueberries, Blackberries, Strawberries, Pineapple, and Grapes), I had left over gold coins from Saint Nicholas day, so I glued wrapping ribbon on them and made them into gold medals;)

I saw Cheetos torches on line, but I kind of though Doritos looked a bit more torch-like.  (Phin was supposed to have a friend over for lunch and he wanted to make sandwiches so we actually had a variety of chips in the house;)

I found these cute free  Sochi Printables from Creative Dee so I amped up my straws and made flags for my dogs and burgers

I made a Torch out of a paper towel tube and red and orange tissue paper and we had the kids relay with the torch on their way to the table;)

Our future Olympian, perhaps?

The older girls were great sports, as well;)

Ava, being oldest, got the honor of bringing the torch to light the bringing it to the table.

The official torch is lit- let the ceremonies (dinner) begin!

I used the Forth of July baskets, hot dog holders, and condiment cups and we had hot dogs and hamburgers with our chip torches.  It was our American meal in support of Team USA!

Our drinks- 7up with Olympic rings (gummy life savers at the bottom;) (They don't melt in case you are wondering.  I wondered when seeing the idea on Pinterest;)

They wore their gold medals while they ate....and though I didn't get a picture, ate them for dessert alongside ice cream cones (another nod to the torch).

Awaiting opening ceremonies, they watched some figure skating from the previous night while eating their cones (no food in the family room, means, we use this half wall as a bar whenever we want to eat and watch;)

Only Ava was interested in the opening ceremonies program.  Phin thoroughly enjoys the sports, but the opening ceremonies was not of real interest.  The youngest three went down stairs and played.  He did want to stay up for the lighting of the cauldron, but alas, they all had to watch it this morning...sleep is too precious a commodity.  We let them stay up until our athletes entered the stadium and then it was nighty night.

Thank you Christina for giving me a nod to my own strengths and helping me find joy in the day.  It's easy to get lost in "to do's" right now.  I can't remember the last time I did a silly supper.  Felt a little bit like myself...and it was wonderful.  Yippee! for another bit of normalcy that is returning as we adjust to four!  Next week is Valentines Day...I am already excited!