Tuesday, March 30, 2010

a VERY quick update

Since my last post, which admittedly is far too long ago, our lives have taken a drastic turn. In two days, we'll be moving into a new home in Sheboygan, WI. Only 8 weeks ago, I wouldn't have even fathomed this change! In December, Johnsonville had contacted Marc through a recruiter about a possible job. Marc went ahead and forwarded his resume as Johnsonville has a reputation for being a great company to work for. We didn't hear anything, however, so we didn't think much of it. At the very end of Jan., Johnsonville called to set up an interview. Marc interviewed in Sheboygan on February 4. A week later on my birthday, they called with an offer. It's a great job so Marc accepted the following Monday after a bit of negotiation. We went up to Sheboygan the last weekend in February- saw 25 houses in two days and put an offer down on our future home before leaving town. We closed on this home yesterday and are currently packing up our house to move to Sheboygan on Thursday. It has been a whirlwind!

The entire situation is actually somewhat comical. I am 29 weeks pregnant. Moving is not ideal;) To top it off, my parents (who currently live 2 hours away) are moving within 40 minutes of our CURRENT home in mid-May;) I have an amazing group of friends here and just an outstanding support system. Moving may seem insane!

Sometimes, however, God's ways are not our ways! Every aspect of this move has been entirely too easy. His hand is all over it. First, we found our home with ease with the help of an amazing realtor who is sure to now be counted among our friends. Johnsonville has provided not just movers, but movers who have packed up our entire home. We visited a christian school, when in town for the inspection, thinking of sending Ava NEXT year, but because of an opening, she'll start at the beginning of April and hopefully make a few friends before summer comes. We've been given contact through friends. EVERYone has recommended the same OB, who accepted me into their practice with ease. These same contacts have not just been kind, but amazing! We even have dinner invitations already! Certainly, there will be hard days ahead. We are saying "goodbye" to so many dear friends and it takes time to really get know people, but we feel very provided for and taken care of by our Almighty Creator. To top it off, Marc is going to be working for a company he so respects and is back in the food market- which he loves;0)

Many things have happened in the past few weeks and as soon as things calm down I'll post some pictures: after all my little girl turned 4 and my little boy is mischievious as ever, but has shown this amazingly sweet and generous heart. Life is good...a little busy, but good.