Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Visit from VERY special friends

We have some good friends who have lived in the Netherlands for the past three years.  We have not been able to see them at all during that time.  They are currently in the US for their first trip back since moving.  While spending a coouple weeks in Chicago catching up with friends, they so kindly drove up to Sheboygan to spend 24 hours with us.

I cannot really put into words how special this visit was.  We've known Suz and Brian since just after we got married.  Suzanne and I fulfilled a dream we'd both had as children and took figure skating lessons together for about three years.  We went through moves together, spiritual struggles and gorwth, infertility, miscarriages, and general ups and downs of life.  Brian and I sang on the worship team together.  They are really amazing people and very precious friends.

What was so cool was how effortlessly we picked up where we left off! Three kids have been added since last seeing one another.  Our lives have become busier and more full, we've all grown in our own ways, but the things that once bonded us still remain and we had such a sweet time together.  There is a depth of friendship there that cannot be denied. There was just such a deep comfort level in feeling known and understood; oh we've missed a lot of details in each others lives for the past few years but we know each others hearts and filled in the details with colorful, deep, rich conversation.  There was laughter and there was tears.  Our kids just played together as if they had known each other their whole lives; I wonder if they just sense their parents at ease and therefore are at ease themselves?  It was 24 hours that I am SO SO SO (I couldn't add enough "so"s but I don't want to annoy you;) thankful for!!!  It was hard saying goodbye.  If I am honest, I have to admit part of me wanted to hang on the bumper of their car and scream, "Please don't go!";)

 We have a place about 5 minutes from our house where you can just stop at the side of the road, put a quarter in the box and take a cup of feed to feed ducks and goats.  Our kids love it, so we stopped by our our tour of Sheboygan:)

We braved ONE meal out;)  After showing them our hood, we had a farewell lunch at one of our families favorite Sheboygan Restaurants;)


  1. I'm overjoyed for you, Kim, and I'm so thankful you guys shared that sweet time together. On a personal note, our precious friends in Alaska are coming here (home) THIS WEEK, and I'm beside myself with excitement and thanksgiving! I relate to your every word---the joy and blessing of knowing and loving such friends is almost inexpressible. Much love ~ Nikki

  2. LOVE this pic and happy you all got to spend time together!! what a blessing!
    much love!