Sunday, December 18, 2011

Advent Day 18- Bethlehem Dinner!

Today's advent message read:

Have you ever wondered what it was like to be a Shepherd keeping watch over their flocks by night?  What did they wear?  What did they eat?  Today we will find out a little about the Shepherds and then we will go to Corrigans for a special Bethlehem dinner where we will eat some food the people may have eaten back in days of Jesus' birth.

My friend Summar is responsible for the way we have celebrated Advent by "special days".  I loved the idea of making each day a day of anticipation and celebration.  She has given me so many ideas.  She's a gem.  Her children are growing up so their Advent season has changed some.  She called me a while ago and thought it would be nice to have a Bethlehem dinner together.  Her children are a bit old for it, but could enjoy doing it FOR my kids.  It was so sweet of her, of her children...and yes, my kids loved it.

Here I am making Spinach Pies in preparation...

 Me and My kiddos....Ava and  I were angels, Phin (and Marc- not pictured) were shepherds, and little Chloe was a sheep

 Have you ever seen a more adorable sheep?

Our little shepherd liked his staff a litte too much and tried to control Chloe the sheep with it...BOYS! 

 Summar and Janan preppin' food when we arrived.

Green Blankets on the floor served as "the fields";)

The food;)  (Popcorn was "sheeps wool", and the rest is different types of Middle Eastern fare (Summar is Lebanese like Marc, so the food comes easy to us;) 

 Neda made the kids sheep cupcakes;)

Summar had a recording of a "real shepherd" telling us what it was like the night Jesus was born and the angels appeared to them

Chloe wasn't to crazy about the Middle Eastern food, but the cupcake....that suited her just fine;) 

Neda and Chloe switched hats;)

Thank you Corrigan family for living life with us and giving my kids a really special evening.


  1. so cute! I love this idea and think its great to join another family in the celebration-how wonderful! I can't wait to really get to participate in advent with Mia when she can understand :) Love, Karla

  2. That's incredibly awesome! So glad for all of you! ~ Nikki