Tuesday, December 7, 2010

So... I haven't blogged. Life has been a little crazy with sick kids, traveling and most recently, the addition of a dog.
Meet Max:

Cute, isn't he? He's actually a really sweet dog. He's a really good dog. He's a really smart dog.

Still, today we are pondering whether to keep him in our family. We were a bit crazy to get him in the first place. I knew that. He was so cute. We bid on him at the fundraising auction for Ava's school. Our kids love dogs- we couldn't wait to bring him home for them.

They certainly do like him. They love to chase him. They also are a bit too rough with him.

He is smart and was paper trained within a day. Getting him to go potty outside, however, has been incredibly hard. He'll do it, on command, but doesn't fully empty his bladder and will be on his paper pad about 10 minutes after coming inside. Just now he was running outside for 20minutes with the kids and wouldn't pee. Inside for TWO minutes, I see him on the pad peeing. So we are hoping the spring will make that easier. Let's face it- it's cold.

Now pooping- that is a different challenge. If we catch him circling, we take him outside. The problem with his pooping is- as SOON as he poops he turns and tries to eat it. GROSS, GROSS, GROSS and normal puppy behavior. I guess they see their mom do it (she cleans after her puppies) and so they do it too. They apparently out grow it. We were also advised to change his feeding from 3x to 2x a day. Puppies don't digest food fully and "it smells and tastes pretty much the same coming out as it does going in." It he doesn't outgrow this soon, we'll be putting him on pills that change the taste. I mean, really- who would have thought this would ever be something I'd be blogging about.

Anywho- he's a good dog, a great dog even. Why would anyone NOT want to keep him. It isn't really about wanting to keep him, actually. I just am not sure it is the best thing. I am so stressed at the moment. Life was already chaotic, adding Max has pushed me past what I am capable of, I think. I feel like just can't manage the baby and him, especially, and I feel like having to watch him constantly is taking away from mothering my children. Every time I am waiting for him to potty outside, I can hear my baby girl crying inside wondering where I went and why she is left in the exersaucer again. Ava has been asking me all week to sit and read with her (she is learning to read) and I literally haven't had time. I haven't had time to cook or care for my family. I haven't been able to sleep for over a week, nor has my husband (dog crying at night everytime I get up with the baby). It's been tough just energy and time wise.

I am also a little concerned about whether or not my kids are getting how to treat a dog. Phin literally will pick him up a throw him. Phin LOVES him, but he is very harmful to him at times. Literally if I am not watching constantly, I really think the dog could get very hurt. It is adorable to watch the kids chase the dog, but otherwise, they might be a little young for such a small puppy.

We aren't making a decision right away we are giving it to the end of the week or even longer if needed. I need peace either way. Pray for us if you would. I don't know WHY a dog even is necessary or why it feels like a good addition to a family. That is hard to describe. I am trying for now to relax a bit (just letting him be paper trained for now, for example, I mean he isn't having any accidents, so I think we'll go outside when we see him near his pad, but if I don't see him and he goes inside- great, atleast it isn't on my floor) and trying to see if I can stress less and be the mom I need to be. My first priority is to my kids and husband. If they have a mom stressed out of her mind constantly pushing the aside, a dog isn't worth it. Still, time may change all that....so time is what we are taking.. and we are praying for God to really give us wisdom. Perhaps, he blessed us with Max so we could bless an older couple on a fixed income with a great dog or a low income family with a really cool christmas gift. I trust if that is the case- he'll show us that. In the meantime, the blog may continue to be a bit quiet...