Thursday, December 22, 2011

Advent Day 21- "Purge-itory"

Advent Day 21's message read:

We have many blessings in our life.  Today we will show appreciate to God and to one another.  First, we will go through or toys and take ones we don't use or don't really need and donate them to kids who don't have very many toys.  Then tonight at dinner we will make a list of all the things we love about one another and about God.

The Toy purging has started but we didn't get a chance to finish it yesterday.  We will finish it today.  My children have way too many toys and Christmas will bring another round of bounty.  With grandparents, aunt and uncles, and parents...they receive much more in a year that many children do in a lifetime.  Surprisingly, Ava, especially is starting to realize that stuff she rarely uses could be much appreciated by a child who doesn't have anything.  Instead of sitting in a toy box here, it could be getting used.  She is being very careful about her purging and I didn't want to rush her process.  Truth be told, I'd love to give everything away;)  Less clutter=happy mama;)  Phin has had a harder time understanding and has mostly purged McDonalds toys.  I decided not to push to hard because I want them to learn to give joyfully and not make it feel like I am robbing them of something.  I trust with time, he too will understand and appreciate the opportunity to bless others.

The list of warm fuzzies for one another was fun to do.  Marc was not home for dinner so unfortunately he did not participate, but here is a few of the things mentioned last night. 

Ava's thoughts re:
Chloe- I love that Chloe is my sister.  I love to play with her and I am very happy that she uses some of my old things like clothes and shoes.  I like that she gets really happy when we play books or dolls.
Phin-  I love to play Toy Story with him.  I also am very proud of Phin for his potty training.
Papa-  I love playing tackle with papa.  My favorite is that papa puts me to bed every night and I am glad he works hard to pay for our house.
Mom-  I am glad mom brings me home from school.  I really am thankful that she helps me with lots of stuff and cooks for us.
I am really glad I have parents.
God-  I'm thankful he give me good days and good things and helps me when I feel scared.

Phins thoughts re:
Ava-  Ava plays with me and she shares her toys with me and that is special.
Chloe-  I think she is funny when she spits.
Papa-  I love tackling with Papa too!  and my papa makes me really good breakfast.
God-  He loves me.

My thoughts:
Ava-  I love Ava's artistic ability and I am thankful that she blesses us with Art!  Ava is smart and she know rules.  I am also thankful she uses her brain to help the whole family learn about things like owls or tornadoes.
Phin-  I love that Phin lives life to the fullest and he gives the most wonderful cuddles!
Chloe-  I love Chloe's laugh and her silly side.  I love that she enjoys tickles and playing hide and seek.
Marc-  I am so thankful that he loves Jesus, loves and serves our family and works hard to provide for us.
God-  He is everything to me.  My source of peace, joy, and strength.

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  1. crack me up...I was laughing so hard at Phin's thoughts on it :) Karla