Saturday, December 17, 2011

Advent Days 16 and 17

Advent Day 16's message read:
We made all those Christmas Cookies.  Let's go share them!  Tonight we are going to take a Pajama RIDE!  We get some popcorn and hot coca and load up into the car.  We'll drive around, look at lights and deliver some cookies to our friends and neighbors.

This has been one of our traditions since Ava was born.  It is one of my favorite nights.  Unfortunately, I don't have any was dark, afterall;)  It was one of those times I was so "into" the moments that a camera was the farthest thing from my mind;)

Advent Day 17:
It's...GINGERBREAD DAY!  Today we will go see the Gingerbread Houses on display at the Waelderhaus in Kohler and then we will come home and make our own!

The Waelderhaus is a really neat Austrian Chalet...a really cool setting for a Gingerbread display.  I think the kids thought IT was a Gingerbread house at first;)

 Phin found his favorite right away;)  A CARS themed Gingerbread house:)

 I think the rest of us were most impressed with this windmill.

 My babies and me;)

 Mommy laid out some supplies (we used a basic kit and then a ton of candy and other crackers/cookies, etc.)

 It was Marc's first time doing it with us...and I think he had the most fun of all of us;)

Chloe didn't do very much assembly but she sure enjoyed sampling the supplies;)

 Here is the boys finished scene.

 Here is Ava and Mommy's (ours is better, right?;)

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