Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Advent Day 20- He makes us Clean

Today's Advent message read:
Today you get to take a bath (pause for stunned effect)...."What?" you say, "we always take baths."  Don't you worry!  This won't be any bath, because today we have special CHRISTMAS BATH CONFETTI!  Let's celebrate that Jesus washes our sins away when we trust in Him!

I fully know this is probably the last year my kids will ALL become jubilant over a special bath, but they are 1, 3, and 5.  They have never used bath confetti.  They rarely get bubble baths because Ava has skin issues; they got excited and it was fun.  I was glad for the simple day.  I had to bath them anyway and being a little tired, I was so glad they still are tickled as can be with "little things".

(Side note-These moments always make me stop and wonder what little things I take for granted.  I'm trying to stop doing that and celebrate those things if you see me doing a happy dance over fudge covered Oreos in the grocery aisle look away or join in, I am just trying to live in the moment and celebrate the little things that make me happy.  Try it, at the very least you get a good laugh at yourself and a happy moment in the middle of busyness;)

They each got one to sprinkle in (and we used so little, I think these babies will last us 10 Christmas seasons;) and they loved watching them "disappear" and become bubbles.  Mom loved the scents!

I LOVE our big bath tub...rub a dub dub three kiddos fit in the tub;) 

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