Friday, July 31, 2009

Phin is crawling...everywhere. Today I have been frantically trying to get the house picked up and pack last minute things before leaving for vacation tomorrow. He was frantically trying to mess things up. He crawled across the living room and emptied the DVD cabinet, emptied Ava's play kitchen, ripped up a notebook Ava left on the floor, tried to eat barbie shoes, emptied every piece of tupperware from my cabinet, tried to unplug the computer, emptied his shoe and sock bin, pulled out all the blankets from the drawer under his crib, tried to chase a ball down the basement stares, scattered the letter magnets from the fridge all over the kitchen floor...and I am sure a few more shennanigans that I am too tired to recall.

Life is about to get REALLY interesting...the side benefit is that I am trying to finish losing baby weight. A few days like this and I'll be stick thin before you can long as I can resist the chocolate in my candy drawer;)


For a long time, I was of the opinion that children were naturally honest. Ava would do something naughty and you'd ask her "Did you ..." and she'd honestly answer, "Yes!" I, in my oh so experienced opinion, thought that was because Marc and I were honest and therefore that kids who lied where copying things they saw in parents or others. I am a dork and obviously have a bit of a pride problem. Ava was just little...she soon got smart and despite being raised in an honest home, she realized that if we don't really know what happened she'd prefer to avoid punishment. It is frustrating because I don't always know when she is lying or telling the truth.

We've been talking a lot about the importance of being honest and if she's honest we definitely lighten the discipine and point out that her honesty made the discipline less than if we caught her lying. We just pray about it and keep point her to what is right.

She is getting the lesson;) Today she showed us just how literally she's taking it. Marc was making her a PB and J sandwich. He dropped the jelly side of the bread face down on the kitchen floor. He said, "shoot!" (Good job, babe- dropping jelly on the floor could easily cause slippage of one's tongue.) Ava then asked, "What happened, Papa?" To which her Papa replied, "Oh, Nothing!"

Ava then walked over shaking her head ever so slightly and said very calmly. "Papa, I think you are being rude. If something happens and you say nothing happens then that is a lie. That is not nice." OH MY! Marc remained calm and apologized before explaining that he didn't mean to lie, but meant that nothing important happened. I, meanwhile, was laughing so hard I snorted...thankfully making it to another room before Ava witnessed my hilarity.

She's definitely getting the truth message as well as "using her words". AYE YAYE YAYE! She's only three...

Thursday, July 30, 2009

"Mama's gonna knock you out!"

Okay so Ava is in the midst of toddler dawdling. I don't even know what she is thinking or doing half the time, but she easily gets into her own little dream world; it is so frustrating to keep prodding her to keep moving. It affects all aspects of our day. I don't even know how much time to allow for things anymore! She's daydreaming one moment, distracted by something the next! I have tried to find creative ways to keep her focused on the task at hand. Of course, doing it myself works the best...but three year olds don't really want you dressing them, buckling them in, etc.

What seems most effective at the moment is racing her. She loves winning and while we are trying to work on being a good sport about losing when we are playing board games, I am capitalizing on her competitive nature for day to day stuff. I almost always let her win these little "contests" cuz it keeps her at it. The funny part of all this.... she always says, "I beeped you up mommy, I won." I'll correct her saying, "You BeaT me" and she'll reply "yep, I beeped you up!" I have even emphasized the T "Beat-t-t-t, not beep" and she'll get it right and then say, "BeaT, beeped you up". I don't know exactly where she heard this phrase...summer camp has is downsides, perhaps. It is hilarious, but also makes me wonder what the general public thinks when they here her say it. Should a 3 year old even know this phrase? Unfortunately, she does know the phrase AND what it means cuz I made the stupid mistake of trying to EXPLAIN the difference between beating someone in a race and beating someone up. YIKES! I highly recommend NOT trying that at home.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I am sure you are sick and tired of my shopping posts, but today I am so excited by my money saving deals, that I can't think on anything else (well, I CAN- Phin is crawling and has yet another tooth;). I won't keep posting about it, I promise, but I am still new at it so the whole super couponing thing still utterly amazes me! Check out what I did today.

Old Navy- $70 on 17 articles of clothing, mostly kids, but 5 peices for me (they are having 50% off all clearance prices;)...that is an average of $4 per item if you wanted the breakdown;)

Okay and now the summary of my grocery shopping. I DID go to three store today because I didn't have my kids with me. (Jewel, where I did 99% of my shopping, walmart, and walgreens)
I spent at TOTAL of 49.68 AND I have 4 $5 off my next shopping order of $5 or more , which can be used individually or all together (so effectively 49.68-20= 29.68)

1 9.5oz bottle Starbuck Frappucino
2 snicker bars
2 Rimmel London Nail Polish
2 4pack of Duracel aaa batteries
9 64oz. Mott's Apple Juice
4 Boxes of Cheerios
2 5cnt. Bic Mechanical Pencils
2 10 count classic Bic pens
9 6 pack/ .5L Dr. Pepper
2 Chef Boy R D Beef Ravioli
1 Hunts Tomato Sauce
1 Mango
1 Quart Blueberries
4 Tony's Frozen Pizzas
2 12ct. Shick Disposable Razors
1 Roll 3M packing tap
2 6pk. Breyers Disney Yogurt
2 6pk. Mott's Applesauce
2 15oz. jars Classico Alfredo Sauce
1 box Scotties Facial Tissues
2 12oz. bags Wacky Mac (mulitcolored pasta)
2 tubs Smart Balance Spread
14 box BC fruit snacks
6 box gushers
8 box Fruit roll ups
4 box Fruit by the foot

Yes, lots of cheeries, fruit snack/rollups things, and apple juice, but the deals were amazing and our church has a food pantry. pantry is well stocked, which is the whole way they play this thing. I am amazed at it all. Today at Jewel the lady behind me groaned when I handed the cashier my coupons, but when my total popped up, she said, "How the H___ did you do that?" I used to think the cashiers would be annoyed or rude- I haven't found that to be the case (with the exception of the girl at walgreens today who did NOT like that my candy bars and nail polish were completely free), they usually get a really kick out of it. The cashier at Jewel today remembered me from before and said, "What have you cooked up today?" and then when I paid and my coupons off the next shopping order printed she said, "Great job!"

I am flying high off this one- might even have trouble falling asleep;)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dear Laundry,

Oh Laundry, Oh laundry you must be done, but I would so rather be doing something much more fun!
Where do you come from every week? The size of your piles makes me freak.
You've grown so big since having two kids. If someone else wants to do you, I'm taking bids!
I have some friends who claim to enjoy this chore, but my dear laundry, I think you're a bore.

Every week I fold the same shirts and pants, I'm getting so tired on this same old dance.
And to top if off you like to throw in a stain, scrubbing these out are my existences baine!
Perhaps this means we have too many clothes? We must need to return to days of old.
What did Ma Ingalls do every week? Only two sets of clothes for each person, I think.

I like this idea, but it really won't work, not clothing my kids might make me a "jerk"
and what did Ma do when her kiddos ate? Did they just have food spots on their clothes every day?
There's no real way to solve my complaint; Laundry, you're part of life, even if happy, I ain't
So I continue to scrub, wash, dry, and fold and I'm stuck with you, Laundry, until I am old.

But just for the record, I had to record, that you, o Laundry, really get my gourd.
Consider this my proverbial thumbs down, complete with a ugly scowl and a frown.
On top of that I'm stickin' out my tongue, so take that Mr. Laundry as I get you done.
Yes, that is right, we will NEVER be friends, and I'll always look forward to when you end!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Perhaps I need to carry around a roll of Duct tape?!

I get so sick of listening to my adorable daughter talk sometimes. I mean at the end of some days I wish I could take my ears off for a few minutes and have some peace and quiet. I have also complained on this very blog about my sons chatty moments; his usually occur about 3 am. (I guess he needs to be relaxed to open up. Please God, don't let him grow up to be a drinker.) Last night I got a gut check about my own chattiness.

Marc and I are both talkers. He usually more than me, actually, but my poor kids have it in their genes! I usually try to be aware of this. Marc recently has worked VERY hard at it and is doing quite well. Last night, I entered a state of oblivion and was clueless to my conversation take over!

I had a terrible night with Phin on Thursday due to a vaccine reaction, but I guess I didn't realize how tired and grumpy I was (am?). We were at a dinner party with very good friends. I kept talking and I guess debating discipline tactics (though my intent was not to be argumentative, I am told I was;-P ). My lovely husband gently brought it up in the car on the way home. He apparently was trying to gently nudge my leg the whole time. I was so obtuse that I didn't even know he was nudging me! OOOO- I feel bad! I did apologize to the hostess.

I don't want to be a bad guest or be an argumentative friend. the future I've given my hubby carte blanche to just say sometime to me, but I give everyone else carte blanche too. I mean, please be nice about it, but feel free to tell me I am chattin' too much. I'd rather know in the moment when it is fixable, than have people annoyed by me. Thanks to all you patient smiling listeners...I admire you more than you know!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Whoopee Wednesday!

Today was just another great day. My little guy is 9 months today and he crawled for the first time this evening- giving great hope for less stressful days (as he has been getting so frustrated by he lack of movement.) Then the day ended on a super high note as I had a successful money saving grocery outing.

Now, I am getting the hang of this supercouponing thing. I have made a couple mistakes, which have been frustrating, so winning the grocery game today was just like getting a hit off a fabulous drug. Not that I have ever taken a hit of any drug, but to me shopping "high" is very addictive and quite ephoric;)

First, let's talk about my huge "miss" yesterday. Without going into all the details of how exactly it works, I should have gotten 24 bottle cases of Nestle water for 70 cents each yesterday. I had coupons in tow and went up to the register. I was so perplexed as the total was so much higher than I anticipated and definitely not working out to be quite as cheap as planned. I sat in my car and examined my reciept to figure out where I went astray. AHHH! I mistakenly stopped at a Dominicks "right" inside the Chicago city limits. I live in the burbs, mind you. I paid $6.00 in chicago "water" tax. That is right- I paid more in "water tax" than I did for each case of water. I was so mad- at Chicago's stupid "tax whatever we can" system and at myself for not going to the grocery store near my house. It was still a decent deal- but SOOO frustrating.

Okay- so coming off that crappy occurence- I planned better today. I got scotch tape at walgrees for 6 cents each. I got cheap deodrant, cereal, etc. I did great. I even had my first "overage". This means my coupons were worth more than I paid so it took money off my total- yay! Win, Win, Win! I got a totally free bottle of clorox color safe bleach plus an overage of $2 off my order when buying it AND a totally free box of fiber one bars, plus 40 cents "overage". I feel so overjoyed, you'd think I just found a hundred dollar bill on the side walk. Yippee, more money for me. (And let me tell you- I have ONE happy Hubby...he likes his new money savin' mama.)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I surrender!

I was SO excited when I found out Ava was a girl. I love all things girly. I love pink and lace and ribbons and hearts- pour it on, baby. Having Ava as an infant was like having a live doll. She had gorgeous clothes and sometimes I'd dress her up multiple times a day just because it was so fun to see how cute she was!

What I didn't envision when the ultrasound tech said, "It's a girl!", is that she'd have a mind and will of her own. You just don't picture those things in your dreamy, pregnant state. Now that I am three plus years into having a daughter, I realize that they aren't dolls at all. They have a way all their own and you can dress them up anyway you like, but turn your back and they just might cut their hair and take a marker to themselves.

Ava is a creative little girl. She is artistically inclined like her father- she shocked us by drawing a perfect smiley face at 2 1/2 and for Fathers Day this year, she drew a perfect stick figure on Marc's card (on a side note- she never did that arms coming out of the head thing, at least not that we know of- so she skipped what they say is an "important" development stage; anyone have a clue what that means for her?). She is a dreamer and has an imagination that is just wonderful. She is very different from me in that way, but I know it is important to let her be who she is.

I want her to look like a perfect doll, but I DON'T want her to feel that perfection complex or to have any idea that what other people think matters. I am very proud that Ava is so proficient at at dressing herself everday but everyday I am reminded of how far I still need to go in letting go of my controlling nature. I have chosen to not make battles out of her clothing choices, and I have to consciously remind myself of that choice every day. I have let her wear her ballet outfit, large tutu and all, to the YMCA or her cinderella costume to the grocery store.

This morning, Ava came up with a combination that was a doozy!!! She's done this before but for some reason when she combines a crazy shirt with crazy shorts- I can handle it. Sometimes I can even find it endearing. This morning, however, she put on a Baby LuLu dress. A lovely dress- one of my favorites, that I am obviously a tad too attached to. It is a classic, precious little girl dress. It belongs with a delicate pair of shoes and a ribbon in the hair. She paired it with RED Valentines day socks (WHY DID I LEAVE THOSE IN THE DRAWER?! Valentine's Day was 5 stinkin' months ago!!!). I tried delicately to steer her towards some more fitting footwear, but she exclaimed "I LOVE this just like this." UGH!!!! It took everything IN me not to tell her it looked awful or make her put on a white pair of socks or her sandals. AHHH! I was cringing inside.

I am chalking this up to preparing for her teenage years. Who knows how she'll express herself then! As long as she's not hurting herself, or anyone else, it'll be allowed. She can dye her hair purple or shave it off. It'll kill me inside, but we'll let her do it. Of course, there will also be times when we have to tell her she cannot buy this or that because the item of clothing is to revelaing. It is in those moments, that she'll likely tell me how much I stifle her. In preparation for such a day, I have taken a picture of today's outfit as proof that I do NOT stifle her. Whether or not, she'll agree or just hate me fore letting her got outside of the house "like that" is yet to be revelaed.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Savoring Summer

Summer is flying by! Marc and I wanted to really embrace and take advantage of summertime in Chicago- time is passin' and we have done hardly anything to really make that happen! Saturday we made sure to really enjoy the day. We went out to the 'burbs to visit the Children's garden at Morton Arboretum. It is lovely- lovely. The garden is 4 acres and filled with places to explore and imagine and play. I love being able to experience such things with our kids and momentarily return to our own childhoods, remembering what it is like to be young and completely carefree.

They had a fantastick Creek where you could move around rocks and see how the water

flow changes around them. FABULOUS!

My Baby Boy likes to be "hands ON"':)

How about playing in a giant acorn?

The tree house said "not advisable for toddlers" but our little athlete mastered it on her first try;) Papa had fun too!


I am one of the coordinators for our churches moms group. Today we had a fitness trainer come speak to us. I thought that I would feel inspired- or MORE inspired. I am working out regularily and feeling great about it, but I am seeing little change in my body and losing no weight because I have a weakness for crappy food. Yummy food is a weakness. I start out everyday with good intentions, but as soon as nap time hits, chocolate screams my name. I "reward" myself. The problem is, such rewards, are ultimately punishments because they set me back and screw my weight watchers points.

The talk was good and reminded me how important it is to take care of the body God has given me. I find it difficult to develop good habits again. It is especially hard when you are tired and stressed. Your sanity is on the brink so emotions take over logic. You also just can't go to the grocery store hungry. I attended a fitness talk today and I bought a snickers bar at the grocery store, 5 hours later....I am not stupid, really, I just do REALLY stupid things. Bottom line- I have no self control, I need God...badly. I haven't been praying about this and you know what, I am going to start...praying LOTS. I want to feel better about myself and I want to protect my health for my kids and my husband. I am so glad God cares about me...and even cares about my crazy sugar addiction!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Whose the Fairest of Them All

Today I had a babysitter. I love days to myself. They are just great. I can get so many errands done and still have a few moments to read a book and visit with a friend or two. It really makes me wonder how I managed my time BEFORE I had kids. Did I realize how much you can get DONE in eight uninterrupted hours?!

At the TOP of my errand list today was an eyebrow wax. I don't know if anyone is reading this and thinking, "It is about time, girl!", but if so, I wouldn't be surprised. I was starting to feel like I had two caterpillars on my face.

My eyebrows are not difficult. I have a natural arch and they aren't extremely unmanageable. Before I had children, I would pluck them myself- now I just don't have the time, so I've been paying to get it done quickly and professionally. Today I am not quite sure what happened. They lady at Triccoci who typically does them was off, so I agreed to see another esthetician. I wasn't worried about it because a) I didn't know anything about Lucia before my first appointment, so not knowing Suzanna was no different and b) I have never had a problem, even when going to cheap hole in the wall places.

Because I am blogging about it and because I posted it on my facebook status, you have most certainly already surmised that it was not a great experience. First of all, it hurt like the flippin' dickins. Not in the standard, quick, "ouch" and then it's over kind of way, but in a "I think I am going to jump through the ceiling in a moment" kind of way. The girl didn't hold the skin taught while she removed the wax; I was afraid that I would lose an eyelid. Perhaps the trauma of the procedure explains why, when she handed me the mirror upon completion, I quickly uttered, "great, thanks!"

I paid at reception and tipped her...well. (Why I tip without thinking about the deservedness of the tip is a topic for another day.) I walked quickly to my car, hoping no one would stare at my hot pink eyebrows. I buckled in and pulled down my visor mirror for a closer look.

"AHHH!" I literally screamed a loud. My first thought was, "Is this lady legally blind?" What the heck was she looking at when she was supposed to be tweezing my eye brows? A three year old child could easily tell you "they don't match"! My second thought was, "Is there a new 'two different eye brows' trend that I am unaware of? My final thought was, "Why did I not notice in THERE when I could have had her fix it? What in the heck!!!?"

I was SOOO self conscious the remainder of the afternoon. Not only were my eye brows extremely mismatched, they were highlighted by the surrounding hot pink irritated skin- lovely. I almost stopped by my friend Nicole's house, just to see how bad it was. She's brutally honest- I wanted to see if she'd say "Did you know your eye brows are uneven?", but I saved her the unexpected visit;)

You can guess how I spent the first part of my evening. I may just be in love with Mr. Tweezer. I was able to remember my pluckin' skills and rectify the situation- I think. My husband tells me they look great. Perhaps I'll pay Nicole a visit tomorrow to make sure...

The finished product for you curious onlooker, sorry I didn't take a "before", though you can see my lids are still a bit swollen (and please don't add any comments about how badly I need a facial- that is another day and another dollar, dear friends):

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I could lose 25 lbs. instantly....

It is wonderful to be loved. I know I am fortunate and I have often said that I feel very burdened about loving others because I have been blessed to be loved by so many. "To whom much is given, much will be expected."

The truth is, however, that at the moment, I could use a little less lovin' from my son. I love when he grabs my face and tries to eat my cheek or gets so excited when I get him up in the morning that all four extremities move at 90 miles an hour; I don't love the whining and crying every time I put him down or walk out of the room. The kid weighs over 25 lbs. I refuse to carry him everywhere. Err....I try to refuse. He is cute and he is so darn pitiful when he cries. At what point it is appropriate to tell a kid to grow up and quit being such a mama's boy?

I KNOW I KNOW- "In 16 years [I'll] wish he wanted me nearby". Well, in 16 years, I'll place the blame for his rejection on HIM. Yes, he'll be embarrassed to be seen with me but not because I will ever be a dork. NO, he'll be embarrassed because I'll probably permanently walk with a lean to one side after carrying His Majestly around on my hip for half his life. They tested us for scoliosis in 7th grade, perhaps there should be some kind of a back check for moms of young children. I am sure we could find a congressman to add coverage for crooked backs to the next stimulus plan.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Someone's doing a happy dance....

There have been times when I have looked at another mother and thought, "How does she do it?" The Dunger mom (from 18 Kids and Counting) for example. I mean, how can you look at that woman and not wonder if she ever want to run away from her life? I know her show is edited and she has her older kids to help raise the younger ones, but I can't help but admire her organization, joy and overall stamina when I watch her on TV. I am not at all saying I'd want to be pregnant for 80% of my life (I mean really, I wonder at this point if she just give birth, looks at her body in the mirror and realizes she will NEVER have a normal stomach again and thinks, "atleast when I am pregnant, it's firm." and so decides to just do it again.), but I admire her for the way she runs her life.

My problem is that I don't have enough energy to sustain perfection. I guess this keeps me humble. Humility is a good thing. It is also good to have a good day. Today was a top notch day. I put my kids in bed and looked in the mirror to see if I'd sprouted a cape and a costume at some point. Of course, I was still in my black shirt and red shorts, but I did say to my reflection, "well done, Miss Poppins, well done." Today I babysit a friend of Ava's and I dog sat my sister's dog. My kids were in bed on time, my house is clean, I had dinner ready for my husband when he got home, and I didn't lose my temper at all with my daughter who reached the top of the grumpy scale this evening after missing her afternoon nap. I am almost giddy with how well the day went. Yes, indeedy, I wondered how I did it!

Of course, pride comes before a fall, so let's be honest. Red is a power color, but my shorts aren't magic. I have no super powers...but I serve a God who does. I didn't really do it today, did I? I recieved an extra dose of grace. I feel awesome, yes, but if tomorrow isn't so perfect that feeling will fade...God IS awesome. He does not fade. He is responsible for the amazing day, but it sure was fun to "play dress up" for a while.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lesson 254,637 : If you want people to know you are married, wear your wedding ring.

Saturday mornings bring mommy/son time for Phin and Me; we go to Gymboree for music class, while Marc and Ava have papa/daughter time at Soccer class. I was able to do music classes with Ava, so i am thankful to have this opportunity with and for Phin, as well. With Ava, we attended a music class during the week, so I met quite a few stay at home moms and a few nannies. We had plenty of play date opportunities. In this Saturday class, Phin is the only child who doesn't have BOTH parents present. Initially, I thought this was because dads were off and could join, but quickly I learned that all these parents work all week long. We probably won't have many playdates this time me around.

The other thing I quickly noticed in this class is that I was getting a lot of sympathetic looks. I found this curious. My brain was coming up with many a crazy reason for these looks: did they think Phin was older than he was because he is so big and therefore feel bad that he was "behind" OR did they think my jelly belly, that I am so self conscious about, was actually a pregnancy and therefore feel bad for me for having kids so close together? You name it I thought it.

Today one of these sympathetic look givers was a dad; he also kept going out of his way to pay attention to Phin. It was nice and yet quite bothersome. I wanted to say, "Excuse me, sir, I know my son is cute, but we are trying to have quality mommy/son time." I was about five minutes from opening my mouth when I looked at my left hand.

My left hand is bare. It often is. I don't shower, sleep, wash dishes, etc. in my wedding band. Since having Phin I, also, have often taken it off after it scratches him or something. I am so out of the habit of wearing it, I don't even notice anymore. In fact, two weeks ago it took me quite a few minutes to realize a man at Walgreens was hitting on me. I spent a few more minutes wondering what kind of gall it takes to hit on a married woman. Then I almost sat through a green light when I finally realized he thought I was single.

It is time to be vigilant about my marital status. I adore my husband. I hate to think people don't know he exists. This man today was trying to be so nice to my "fatherless" son; oops. Sorry, babe, you are an amazing papa- didn't mean to keep you a secret;)

Friday, July 10, 2009

You'd think I was born with ants in my pants....

I don't know when I became an anxious person, but somewhere along the way I did. Gone are the days of my carefree former self. They've been gone for quite a while, actually. Perhaps they disappeared as I became an adult and was aware of life's responsibilities.

I hate anxiety. It produces nothing and cost so much! In the end, I worry about things that I have no control over! It is a complete a waste of time and ENERGY!

I am feeling a bit under the weather. I started getting a cold last weekend, but because we were on vacation I was able to rest and keep it from ravaging my body. Once we got home, into the "real world", the cold started winning no matter how hard I try to fight it off. I am exhausted and feel like my mind is as bad as it was in the days of Phin's refusals to sleep. (This feeling has been reinforced by friends curious looks at my attempts to hold up my end of conversation.)

I realized today that my anxiety has gotten me in this predicament. First of all, home has responsibilities, so I can't just lay around and watch TV and let's face it, that is all I feel like doing when my head is more pressurized than an anticyclone. For some reason I allow the silliest things to cause great anxiety. I can't lay down to rest during my kids nap time, for example, if the house is a mess. I am also a bit obsessive about toys being put in their PROPER places, so even if Ava has picked up, I get crazy about redoing it after she's asleep so it's all in order- only to get destroyed again within minutes of her waking up. Often, it takes me so long to settle my mind that by time I start to fall sleep, Phin is a stirrin'.

My most recent anxiety producer has been my money saving. I am hooked on this crazy money saving grocery gig, but I am still new at it. This week was double coupons at Kmart. Kmart is a crazy, unorganized place. It wasn't an easy endeavor, but I was determined to find all the deals. I spent 3 hours in Kmart on Wednesday evening. Yes, you read that right. Grant it, if I ever shopped at Kmart, I would have been able to navigate it easier, but it was still a mess. I got some amazing deals, amazing- lots of free things, but I also didn't do it "perfectly". I was tired and didn't feel good and I forgot some of the extra coupons that I had. I saved a ton of money, but as I went to bed on Wednesday evening, I started to realize the ways that I didn't execute my mission to perfection and figured out that I should have saved $24 more than I did.

I COULD not sleep. I was up until 2 going over and over and over the experience in my head. I would have paid 24 hundred dollars to fall sleep. I saved A LOT of money and yet was losing sleep over not doing it "better". I evidently don't allow myself much of a learning curve.

Not surprising, I woke up on Thursday and again today feeling crappier than before. No naps and poor sleep=worsening cold;P

The bible says, "Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and petition make your requests known to God." God TOTALLY knows our needs and he is SO aware that anxiety is completely worthless. I worry over things that I cannot control; God is in control. He is probably shaking his head at me, SCREAMING- "relax, girl, I've got this." I have GOT to pray more, worry less and start to sit back and enjoy watching him work!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

SHOOOOT! I'm so busted!

I was attempting to sleep in this in staying in bed until 7am (when did that become sleeping in?!). Ava kept coming in to tell me "someking". As she sat on the bed telling me a tale about "Paul" who fixed our "sky" (a man of unknown name came to fix out skylight last week), she was biting on her nail. I didn't notice, but Marc came in and kind of freaked inside;) The is the conversation that followed:
Marc: "Ava what are you doing?"
Ava: "I am using my teeth to cut my nail cuz it is sharp right here."
Marc: "Who taught you to do that?"
Ava: "Mommy" (she pointed her finger at me for added effect)
Marc: "Oh, really?"
Ava: "Yes, Mommy bites her fingernails every day."

oops. I guess some things are taught and some things are caught. My nail biting habit is a thorn in Marc's flesh- it grosses him out. I don't do it consciously, of course, but Ava is definitely right, she does see me do it atleast once a day. ARGH! I don't know that she'll actually pick up the habit because she's never done it before. I hid under my comforter while Marc laughed hysterically. Then I told Ava it is a gross habit that mommy does and I'd like to stop. I have assigned her the responsibility of reminding me not to put my fingers in my mouth. I think I'll quickly be annoyed with myself for doing this. I know she'll take this job very seriously...but her father will thank her profusely;)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Good job, now shut up!

Phineas has an adorable little voice. One of my favorite things is to listen to him gab to himself while we drive along in the car. It's just cute. It always makes me wonder if he's really thinking something and trying to talk or just practicing sounds. It is innocent and precious.

Last night, however, his little voice may as well have been a monster. We are on vacation with my family and all sleeping in the same room. Phin and Ava both had trouble going to sleep. They kept laughing at one another and then getting upset that the other was awake. It was ridiculous. Marc and I were exhausted by the time they finally fell asleep. Sleep felt so wonderful and 3 am arrived. Phineas learned to say "Papa" (our name for Marc) at 3 am. Why he coudln't have practiced this during the day is beyond me. But he spent over an hour practicing saying "Papa". He can say it high and he can say it low.

It is officially his first word and while I am proud enough to write it down in his baby book- it wasn't quite as cute as it would have been had it been uttered at a decent time of day. Frankly, I never want to hear him utter "Papa" again. Phin we are proud that you are learning to use your voice- but could you please learn to sleep first?

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Ava is in her third week of summer camp. Today was "Music/Talent Show Day". This morning she was excited to go to camp but adimant that she would NOT get on stage. I hadn't mentioned it at al and she KEPT bringing it up and telling me should would NOT do it;) I told her she could just watch. Knowing my child, however, I offered some suggestions should she change her mind: she could tell knock knock jokes, she could perform her ballet "moves", or she could sing a nice song. I admit, I heavily suggested the song and reminded her how beautifully she sings "Jesus Loves Me". In truth, I was thinking about how sweet it would be when she got up front and shared Jesus love with all at camp. I had the sweetest picture in my head.

When I picked Ava up from camp, I was handed her certificate. It reads "This certificate is given to Ava Aneed in Recognition of her singing "So What I'm Still a Rockstar". That's right. Instead of sharing Jesus with her class, Ava shared Pink. Oh she knows every word to this song- it is the ringer on my cell phone. I wish we had this moment on tape. She gets quite spirited when doing her "rock moves" and proclaiming "I don't need you"...aye yaye yaye! What did other kids sing? Row Row Row your Boat and Twinkle, Twinkle were quite popular. Atleast she doesn't just go with the flow?!

Minivan Maiden

It is official. I drive a minivan. Yesterday by lovely husband brought home a light blue Honda Odyssey complete with a white bow stuck on top. YAY! It is the most expensive gift I have ever received; and one of the most useful! I can't get over how much room we have now! I can drive so many people with me now! YAY!! Thank you, honey!!