Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Counting to Ten...

My hubbie just called. It's 5:20 and he's just leaving work. Why 20 minutes is like 20 hours at this time of day, I'll never be able to fully explain, but my heart sank when he told me he left late. He's apologetic of course. He knows Phin, especially, is a pain in the bum at this time of day...but he was in a meeting and there is only so much he could do. I know it isn't his fault, but inside I want to punch a hole in the wall. TWENTY MORE MINUTES OF HAVING THE KIDS ON MY OWN. AHHHH!

I'll survive. We alway do. What I don't want to do is be short with Marc when he comes home. Our whole evening doesn't need to be wrecked cuz I am grumpy. It isn't his fault. He does his best. I logically know that is true. The problem is getting my tired, pregnant self to allow myself to be controlled by logic and not angst;)

On a totally different note- as a survival tool, I have turned on the TV. "Yo Gaba Gaba" is on. It is pretty muh the only show that catches Phin's attention, but have you ever seen it? It's kind of psychotic. Oh he learns good lessons, like "don't bite your friends" and other age appropriate things;) There is lots of music, dancing, and bring colors- I suppose I can see the allure it woudl have to a 15month old. BUT the main character is a skinny black dude in an orange fuzzy hat and skin tight jump suit. He talks super animated and wears funny glasses. I always wonder- what is this guy like is real life? Does he have a girlfriend? I can't imagine seeing his show and then being able to kiss him...the whole act kind of creeps me out.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

If we see Supermom Wannabe, we'll be sure to let you know...

I'm lame. No doubt about it. Almost a month of no blogging. The truth is I really don't feel like doing much of anything nowadays. I don't know if it's pregnancy or Seasonal Affect Disorder- we're are ordering one of those sunlights to see if it helps. I just feel BLAH. Oh, I do have an energetic moment hear and there, but when you have two kids- they usually snatch those babies up before one can even think about how best to use them;)

Today it is snowing. It is snowing A LOT and it is REALLY beautiful. Ava's school, surprisingly, did not cancel school- probably because when they had to make the call at 5am it was decent out and last time the played it conservative and called off school, it ended up being embarrassinly fine outside;) Today I was hoping for school, so I threw my kiddos in the car, leaving plenty of time for the ride and set out. After slip, slip slipping three times- I turned around. Sure, I could probably make it to school; I am a pretty safe driver. The problem is that even if I get there, I also have to endure the lengthy ride home AND return this afternoon to pick her up when the weather is supposed to be worse. Ava was surprisingly excited at turning around for home. She views it as a real adventure that we slid in the snow in our car;) We are hoping to build a snowman today. She has actual coal for the eyes (courtesy of a cute christmas present from her teacher- a homemade snowman kit) and has been SO excited to use it. I also have laid out butter to make sugar cookies. Truth be told, I just want to watch Oprah today;) but I am hoping that making plans with Ava (that, of course, I can't cancel) will help be get a bit motivated. Maybe I'll turn into crazy productive supermom today- she's been missing for a while.