Friday, September 5, 2014


Today was the first day of preschool for Christian and Chloe and marks a huge milestone for mama.  It will be the first time in 8 1/2 years that I will consistently have time to myself...three mornings a week to be exact.  I know it will fly by...mornings are short, but I am so thankful nonetheless;)

Since school started for Ava and Phin, I have been enjoying my time with the littles...

I've loved that time...but I also love that it's finally time for preschool to start too!

We visited preschool last week, met their teachers, and received their tote bags.  Receiving tote bags is such a small thing, but they served as a reminder of how much life has changed in a year.  They were symbols of hope to this mama's heart;)  When they receive their tote bags, it is optional for the child to decorate them any way they want.  Last year we didn't decorate them.  We were knee deep in settling in and preparing to pick up Christian in Haiti.  This year, it was a fun leisurely activity.  A symbol that we are settled and in a stable place as a family...such a seemingly small, simple thing that meant so much to my heart and testified to God's faithfulness to us.

We were all thankful today arrived.  These littles were super excited!

I wanted a picture in front of the school sign...but the suns angle made it a "little" too bright.

Chloe did great.  She fancies herself a preschool expert now and had made sure Christian known multiple times a day that she used to be little in 3K like him.

Christian had quite a bit of anxiety and CLUNG to my leg....therefore my anxiety was a bit high too;)  He did great though and was understandably proud of himself!