Monday, June 28, 2010


Chloe Roberta Aneed was born on June 15, 2010. She is beautiful...really a darling little thing. I adore her already, as does every other member of our family.
Phin is constantly concerned about WHERE she is and what she is doing and the concern heightens the level RED if she starts to cry. He runs around like a crazy little chicken saying, "BABY CYING, BABY CYING!" He loves to hug her and though we've had moments that have tested the old wives tale that if you squeeze someone too tightly their head will pop off (I am glad to report this is untrue), he is finally learning to be a bit more gentle with his love.
Ava is a very proud big sister. She is very good at holding and rocking Chloe. She's becoming quite adept at the burping baby thing and she comes up with cute litte made up lullabies that seem to do a great job at soothing our little newbie.

Marc has been amazing both at supporting me and taking care of this kids. He has an especially good SSSSHHHing technique that is like magic with the baby. There have been a few times when he has soothed her so quickly and efficiently that I have wondered if maybe I should start working and have him stay home;)

I am adjusting. Postpartumness has been hard. I had TERRIBLE water retention before birth, as pictured. I was warned it would get worse afterwards, but nothing could have prepared me for the severe case of elephantitis look edema. WOAH! I was SOOO uncomfortable, had some trouble with back pain and breathing, etc. In the end when it started flushing out- lots of water drinking, resting, and tight compression stockings- I lost about 30 lbs. in 4 or 5 days. I felt like I was on Biggest Loser. What a night and day difference in how I felt!!! I got a little life back in my blood! I still struggle with some postpartum blues though I am not crying everytime someone asks me how I am doing anymore;) I also struggle with nights, but they are getting better every day. Chloe is still waking up more frequently than would be ideal, but she is finally not super alert durign the night. She'll go back to sleep relatively quickly and we've gotten a few 3 or 4 hour stretches of sleep.

God has definitely been answering prayers. Change is always kind of hard for me. New babies could not be cuter and there is nothing like hold a teeny one against your chest, but this stage is always a challenge for me. I am a control freak and there is no way to completely predict how a day or night will go since she is not even 2 weeks yet. I find that hard. I guess I kind of feel like I am in a constant free fall...and I have never been one to dream about sky diving! God has been gracious. My in-laws are here until 7/6 and each day gets a little hopefully next Tuesday I won't have a complete meltdown when I am home alone;)

I kind of know that the chances anyone still reads this blog are slim to none:) I've been terrible about blogging since being pregnant and who knows what will happen as we adjust to life with three, but as I remain a supermom wannabe to my very core...blogging will continue to fall down the priority list cuz really...what kind of mom puts blogging over caring for her kiddos and hubby;)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Ready or not, she WILL come;)

Tomorrow is officially the due date for our third child. I remember being pregnant with Ava and being overly anxious for her to arrive. What a different experience this is;) We are heading out in about 1/2 to drive 2 1/2 hours down to Chicago. Tomorrow is Ava's first dance recital. I am just praying the baby stays put;)
Everywhere I go I hear two things: 1) that I am about to have my hands full (if only they knew how full they are already;) and 2) various advice about how to make labor happen sooner. Am I having sex nightly? Eating pinapple? taking long walks? washing my floors? "bearing down"? putting rose hip oil in my vag.? and of course the old syrup of ipecac trick. I just smile and say, "oh at the longest this baby will be in another week or so- we'll make it. I must look incredible uncomfortable for all this unsolicited advice. Sometime is surprises me how forward strangers are? I mean really how often does someone you barely know ask you if you are having sex nightly or even better telling you to put something in your vagina. I have had to really fight not to bust out laughing. I've never been one to mind people touching my stomach- though I understand why people do. It's just something about pregnancy that makes people kind of lose normal social inhibitions!

The truth is- I am VERY swollen. Marc says he has a hard time taking me seriously if he happens to glance at my legs while I am talking and my mother called me yesterday and said, "how's my fat baby, doing?" I assumed she was talking about my son- she wasn't. She started laughing and clarified that she was referring to ME;) (She'd never call me fat normally- by the way, she was just being silly; She's a great mom- no need too get all concerned;) I kind of forget what my feet and legs normally look like. I KNOW I have chicken legs, i just don't remember them. I'll gladly take them back in a week or two, though. (I did have Marc take a picture of my "elephantitis" as he calls it. I think it will be great birth control in the future- in fact, if anyone knows high school sex ed teachers- I'd be happy to pass it along as a "THIS could happen to you." As soon as he downloads his flip camera- I'll post it.)
Aside from the swelling, I am not doing to badly. Oh- I have a bit of trouble sleeping and my back hurts by the end of the day and if I have to carry Phin too much my lower abdomen gets sore, but I am okay. I just look awful, apparently;)

Mentally, I am not quite ready for baby. I have all my stuff in order and my nesting projects are done, but with the recital looming- it would be a bit surreal for the baby to come now. I am praying she comes afterwards. I AM looking forward to her arrival and surprisingly, I am looking forward to going through labor again. This might be our last natural child and I am so looking forward to experiencing the miracle of birth again. With both my other children I had great fear and anxiety; this time I just keep thinking about that moment when you hear that cry and see those teeny fingers and toes. Such hard work pays off in an unforgettable instant- I cannot wait.