Friday, December 2, 2011

The Second Day of Advent- Everything is better when shared with friends

 Day Two's Advent Surprise Reads:

"Today is Christmas Decoration Preparation Day!  Let's turn on the Christmas music, invite over friends; we'll create ornaments with odds and ends."

Great mess is a sign of great creativity, right?   I invited Faith over today and I think she did more work than I did- Thanks, girl;)  Isn't it nice to live life with other people?!

Addie and Phin don't really play too much together yet, but they are starting to warm up more and more to one another.

Kamryn on the other hand is Ava's BFF and they are two kids cut from the same girly, dramatic cloth;)

The older girls made felted ornaments, all the kids made beaded ornaments and ornaments from a Rudolph kit from Michael's my kids begged for a while back;)  Faith and I drank diet soda and made candy cane reindeer and glitter filled balls  (all was at the kids disposal, but their attention spans are only so long;).

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