Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Musings

I apologize for the length of time that has passed since my last blog entry. I am grateful to those who read my blog (cuz really it's quite a self serving enterprise;) and I was surprised at just WHO read my blog as I've been getting quite a few "You haven't blogged in a while" comments. Yesterday, my friend Bobbi said, "Kim, Dec. 7, that is your last blog entry; what's up?" Okay- so I am blogging.

The truth is there is good reason that I haven't blogged. The Christmas season is chaos. Every year I say, "we are going to keep the season simple and peaceful" and every year I find it incredibly difficult to do! Since becoming a mom, I feel even MORE determined to make Christmas a time my children remember as a joyful SEASON not just a fun-filled day of presents. I am making efforts to be present with my children from baking to craft making to just playing. I have intentionally cut out the non-essentials- blogging is one of those. In general, I've tried to just be on the computer less. Sure, I have "time" after my kids are in bed, but honestly, being "on" all day and accomplishing all the Christmas "to dos" is exhausting!

We are leaving for Aspen, Co tomorrow. Sounds glamorous, doesn't it? Aspen is beautiful so I am not complaining really, but we've learned traveling over Christmas with small children is just difficult. You can't bring all the presents, it's SO much work to pack and get ready, etc. I think this is the last year we'll do this for a while, even if it means celebrating with Marc's family has to happen a different day. It just isn't "peaceful". Thankfully, we are flying. But even then- with the weather this week I have to pack a carry-on of kid food and such because we have a lay over in Nebraska. The airport in Lincoln apparently has one coffee shop...if we get stuck there because of weather we need to be we have extra clothes, food, diapers, activities ready. My mind is working overtime keeping it all together;)

For the most part our bags are packed and my house is clean. We are hoping to build a snowman this afternoon when Marc gets home. Life is good, it really is. It just takes effort to keep it that way!

Merry Christmas to each of you; I do pray your season has been joyful!

Monday, December 7, 2009

I suppose there ARE worse things I could pass on...

Ava came out of her room today and had changed into leggings and a t-shirt. She said, "I am a mom and these are my pajamas. I am going to sleep with my husband now, so don't wake me up."

This is funny for a couple reasons. The first is that Ava's favorite pajamas are a satin nightgown that my mom made her. She also has ballet PJs, etc. She has never slept in a t-shirt and leggings. She totally called me out. I sleep in sweats and a t-shirt ALL the time. I guess she thinks this is normal mom attire. I wasn't about to get into marriage talks with her. Hopefully, she'll be a better wife than me and keep her "pretty pajama preference" when she gets married;) Thankfully, Marc loves me even with my preference for comfort over style;)

The second reason it is hilarious is because she said so emphatically, "don't wake me up." Kids are such a mirror. I realized that since I've been pregnant every day when it is nap time I tell her, "It's fine if you don't sleep, but you need to stay in your room for rest time. I am going to sleep in my room, do not wake me up." I guess it's made an impression!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

If you were a fly in my living room last night....

Kim: Ava, come on, honey, it's late. Climb up on the couch so we can do our Advent Book.
Ava: Just a minute mommy, I have to itch my bum.
(Kim gives her a silly look.)
Ava: I like to scratch it when it's itchy and then I like to smell it.

I started laughing so hard I couldn't even get the "that is gross and impolite" out of my mouth. Her complete honesty and innocence literally made me laugh to the point of tears. How entirely gross and yet utterly hilarious. I am SOOO reminding her of that when she is 16 and think she is oh so cool...

(Oh and don't worry- she DID have to wash her hands:)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Baby Brain

Baby brain is, according to my book, not a real phenomenon. The What to Expect lady says (basically) pregnant ladies forget things because they are self-absorbed.Let me tell you, this made me laugh and laugh hard. A mom with two other children and a husband has no time to be self-absorbed,but nonetheless, my brain in not functioning well at all. I am quite sure I could be certified as an idiot;)

Monday, I ordered Peapod (a grocery delivery service) to save myself the headache of grocery shopping this week. I tried hard to remember what we needed and even double checked myself 'cause I know my mind is less than stellar at the moment. When it didn't arrive on time, despite their reputation for timeliness I called their customer service number. It turns out, I had my OLD address entered. Poor driver was ringing a buzzer at our old condo wondering who would order grocies and then not be home to recieve him. He was kind enough to drive them to our home at the end of his route. He was so nice, I didn't dare tell him that we have lived in THIS house almost TWO years!

One would think I would learn from such a mistake, apparently not- this is where you just may agree that I have reached "idiot" status. Tonight, I was to recieve on order from Dinner By Design. I'd taken advantage of an amazing groupon and gotten a great deal of 6 frozen meals and 3 sides. Their food is TOP quality and saves times on those crazy days. Anywho- by 7 it hadn't arrived. Marc joked, "Maybe you gave them the wrong address again." Couldn't be, could it? Sure enough, they had our wrong address. Granted this time, it was because last time I ordered from them it was when we lived in Chicago and I didn't update it when ordering, but you'd THINK I would have double checked after yesterdays debacle? OH MY! They haven't called me back yet, I am not so certain they'll be quite as nice as the Peapod guy. I effectively sent them down into the city in rush hour..when they are located in a suburb north of here. How do you apologize for that?

I don't care what my book says, my brain cells are disappearing; I am quite sure of it. Now, off to check all my online Christmas orders...who know where I sent them too?!

Boys, Boys, Boys...

My son is undeniably adorable. He is just cute. We get lots of attention when we are out and people just seem to adore him. I wouldn't say his cuteness is a problem, really. I do love his chubby little face and belly laugh, but these precious features really are disguising quite a monster;) He seems destructive to his core. He will empty out anything he possibly can, faster than one could possibly imagine. Seemingly, he dumps, just to dump. Yesterday I went to the bathroom. I was gone MAYBE 2 mintues, during which he dumped a full box of Cheez Its on the floor, not to eat, but just to stomp on and crush. My cleaning lady was here on Monday, but my kitchen looks like it needs a mop again already. Looking at my Family Room at the moment, you'd think we hadn't picked up in weeks; it was picked up last night.

He apparently does NOT have a good understanding of the word, "No!" I have to move him about 20 times from forbidden actions (like opening the oven) before he finally quits returning to them. He walks around and hits "off-limits items", like the oven, lamps, the flat screen TV, and says, "No, No, No, No" and then laughs. AYE!

I also think he is going to probably end up with some major injuries in the near future. He climbs on everything he possibly can and has even taken to MOVING the little plastic kid chairs around the living room enabling him to climb higher. I don't even know of any good "house friendly" climbling toys! I take the cushions off the couch and put them on the floor to he can climb on the cushions and then the couch and fall without totally hurting himself, but it doesn't seem to be enough for my little adventurer. (Because of his asthma, I am keeping him OUT of Gymboree for Flu Season;P ) Anyone have any ideas?

I love this little guy, but he is exhausting and I am sure he is taking years off my life with his shenanigans;)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Conservative or not...too cute;)

Ava had trouble going to bed tonight. She's so flippin' adorable it's hard to get mad at her. She comes up with the CUTEST excuses for being out of bed; "I just wanted to tell you that I turned my night light on; we forgot at bedtime and I don't want you to worry about me."

When she came out of her room for the third time tonight I was just about to put on my angry voice and threaten a consequence when she noticed the TV and said, "Hey, that looks like the Prisoner of the United States, right?" I barely contained my laugh and told her, "He probably feels like a prisoner sometimes, but he's called the President of the United States, remember?." She replied, "Oh, Right! The Present to the United States, like I get presents for Christmas." I may be a Conservative, but such a statement is way to cute too correct. He is still at the beginning of his term, I pray he does turn out to be a present to the United States.:)