Friday, December 23, 2011

Advent day 23- Precious Moments

Marc is fortunate enough to work for a company that was closed today in honor of Christmas.  It was precious to have a full day as a family with little to do but be together and anticipate the arrival of Christmas.

We had postponed Monday's "snow day" and today the postponement felt like a gift.  We would have had a snowball fight with Styrofoam balls on Monday because there wasn't any snow on the ground.  Today we had snow.  I couldn't find the words to describe how special it is to see my husband rolling around in the snow with my children.
 I know!  ADORABLE!  My little Marshmallow- LOVED the snow:)

Ava received a handy dandy snow ball maker from her teacher and it worked GREAT yesterday but today the snow was too powdery;) She still had fun throwing it, even though the balls didn't stay together;)  

 Getting little miss to stop for a picture proved nearly impossible;)

We painted snow with water colored with food coloring. 

Marc took the kids on a winter hike through our woods...even Chloe walked the entire way.  Snow is breath taking no matter your age and the stillness in the woods felt as if time had stopped and only we existed.

Today's Advent message read:
It's Christmas Eve.  Tonight we will eat by candlelight and sleep under the Christmas tree.  Jesus is the light of the world and the world is dark without him.

(note- Yes, I know it is not really Christmas Eve.  Because we are traveling on Christmas day and since our children don't really keep track of the date yet, we moved Christmas Eve and Christmas up a tomorrow will be OUR Christmas morning- I can hardly wait!)

It was very hard to get pictures without the flash...most are with the flash and you'll just have to take the above candle picture as "evidence" that is was wonderfully peaceful and dark 'round here.

Matching PJ's for Christmas! 

Here is evidence that Chloe was indeed present and dressed to match- she just doesn't like to sit still for anything;) 

Chloe is sleeping in her room, the poor little thing was exhasuted, but the rest of us are bunkin' down here.  (Marc and I called the Sectional;) 

One photo minus the flash....

I bid you adieu and goodnight.  I am going to cuddle with my littles and enjoy the soft and magical glow of our Christmas tree.  

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