Thursday, December 8, 2011

On the 8th day of Advent my mommy gave to me supplies to make ca-ards for thee

On the 8th day of Advent my message said to me:

Today is mail day!  Mommy is going to finish addressing and mailing christmas cards.  You guys get to make Christmas cards for the people of your choice.  Today you also get penpals!  You will start penpaling with Maddie, Claire, and Eliza Ewing.  What fun!  Know What else?!  We get to read a really fun book called The Jolly Christmas Postman.

Yes, I won't deny it.  Today was planned partially to give me a little chunk of time to chip away at our Christmas cards; but why not make the "to do" list fun for all!  The kids had fun.  Not surprisingly Ava sat at the table for the longest and had quite a few people she wanted to write too.  Phineas made a two cards: one for my parents and their dog Jack:) and the other one for his Toy Story guys.  I know, you like me would assume those don't qualify as persons, but he wouldn't be dissuaded and I didn't take long trying.  It's supposed to be fun so if he wants to stick a card in the mail for his toys cool- I'll get it out again in the morning and he'll have twice the fun opening it for them.

Psst...can I just take one moment to vent....I ordered really awesome Christmas cards from Pear Tree and would you believe there is not one but two typos.  Both totally my fault cuz they totally ask you twice to confirm it is correct.  Both Marc and I read through it...obviously not well.  GRR.;P  I am not reordering over a 100 I am sending them out with corrections in my ink pen.  Totally classy, right?!


  1. hey! our advent message today said the SAME THING! WEIRD!!!
    i can't promise ours are as cute, but they are "drying" and will be in the mail to your kiddos soon!
    what's your tomorrow? maybe we have some other twin advent days?! :-)

  2. HI! WHat are the chances!?

    Tomorrow was supposed to be "snow" but CAMPINGS ARE COMING (yes, I am estatic) and snow is kind of involved so I swapped it with Candy Cane day so we can be flex and not skip a day;)

    I can send you a copy of my advent list and see what lines up. On christmas carol night we could skype and sing together;)

  3. I think the ink marks will add a "personal touch" to the cards :) ~ Tricia