Thursday, December 15, 2011

Advent Day 15- An "emergency" Papa Date

Today was a bit of a hiccup in the Advent season- it was bound to happen right?!  The fun part is, I don't think my kids have any idea;)

Today I had a Cookie Exchange at my house.  About 20 ladies came and hung out and swapped cookies.  I really wanted to have this evening be a blessing to ladies in the midst of the stress the holiday season can bring.  I had some sweets and appetizers and hot drinks and I hope ladies enjoyed themselves.  In order to make the evening work with three kids, I worked on baking earlier in the week and cleaning yesterday and today.  Today I cleaned the kitchen early and set the table etc. during nap time.  I did all I could to be ready and have it festive and pretty for their arrival.

When I planned Advent, I thought today would be a lovely day to talk about Jesus being the Light of the World.  I planned on making luminaries with the kids and placing them along the walk for when the ladies arrived.  I realized today that would look really pretty but was an insane idea to execute the DAY OF the cookie exchange.  I am trying to clean and keep the house clean; and simultaneously planning to then sit my kids down in my clean space with scissors and brown bag and let them go to town.  WHAT WAS I THINKING?;)

We hadn't actually opened the Advent door yet, so I did some quick thinking during nap time and for a second time this month a hastily scribbled message appeared, although I must admit I feel a little sheepish on this one;)  The plan was already in place for Marc to take the kids to McDonald's for dinner so I could get last minute things in order without little people underfoot.  So...the message read:

When Jesus came to earth as a baby he left his Father's side.  He loved his Father and he was leaving heaven to come to earth and die.  Can you imagine leaving Papa?  Let's thank Jesus for his sacrifice and then let's thank him for our earthly Papa.  Today you will have a special "Papa date".

You can call it creative or deceptive.  I am not sure either is a bad description.  The wonderful thing about children is they love celebration.  This felt slightly manipulative, but also smart.  Some days you do what you have to do.  Marc DID take them to Menard's Enchanted Forest after McD's at my suggestions.  A good LED lit Christmas display is pretty cool when you are 5, 3, and 1.

(Sorry, no pictures today;)  Marc didn't take any and I was too busy chatting away with ladies to take photos;)

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