Friday, November 4, 2011

I loved living in Chicago, but living in Chicago was lovable for me because of the people there that I love and that love me.  I was never built for the city.  I find the congestion and concrete robs stiffling.  I often felt claustrophobic.  For some, the city and the hustle and bustle is exciting and thrilling, for me it is suffocating.

Moving to Sheboygan has restored life to my soul in many ways.  I still have struggles like asking for help and being to controlling, but I have found a whole level of stress is gone.  Sitting in my living room with sunshine literally POURING in and looking outside at nature galore speaks to me in indescribable ways.  I find such joy in watch deer run through my yard and learning firsthand why foxes are referred to as "sly" and who knew TURKEYS FLY?;)  I was built to enjoy nature and God has provided a home with beautiful views of his handiwork!!

I'll one day post the amazing sunrises I see EVERY morning from my bedroom, but for today here is my favorite fall tree- a red maple.  I has made me stop and smile more times than I can count.  October was an insane month of "to dos" and much work travel for my husband.  This simple tree often make me stop amongst the stress and just take a minute to revel in God's handiwork.

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