Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving with the people I'm most Thankful for!

Last week we had a wonderful Thanksgiving at my parents house.  We are so blessed; truly, you couldn't ask for a better family.  I adore them.   It's humbling to be blessed in this awesome family.  Material possessions haven't always been bountiful, but love has overflowed; I'd take that any day!

Here is my contribution to the meal (I was let off the cooking hook somehow)- Turkey fruit centerpiece;)  The place cards each contained a fact, quote, or scripture related to Thanksgiving and then a question related to it. For example, talked about a particular Native American guide who was helpful to the Pilgrims and then asked what person in life was helped you the most.)

The Wed. before Thanksgiving Ava's class had their own "feast".  They made pilgrim and Native American hats.  Ava loved it and decided she wanted to make them for our family for Thursday.  She was crafting much of Wednesday afternoon (with a little help from me).  My family so graciously all wore their hats;) 

This is my sister youngest sister Katie and Brother-in-law, Brian. 

 Chloe didn't sleep the ride down to Chicago, so she unfortunately napped through Thanksgiving dinner, but here is the rest of my brood. 

 My younger sister, Karla,and Brother-in-law Jason (who happens to be Bro-in-law Brian's brother;), and my niece, Mia, who celebrated her FIRST Thanksgiving!

 My older sister, Kristin, (who looks far from old, I know;), and my niece Jordan.

My parents, who were "Governor Bradford and his wife" for the day. 

Mom hard at work, but still smiling...after all, Thanksgiving prospects looked grim when her oven broken on Wednesday night midway through pie baking.  Thank God my sister lives two blocks away! 

 The fam, with the exception of Karla, who is taking the picture (and Phin is hiding).

And this is why Karla wasn't seated and could take the picture.  A few years ago, she asked if we could wait to carve the turkey and bring it out to the table while everyone clapped and cheered.  That is, after all, what they do in one of her favorite movie, "Father of the Bride".  Of course, we all agreed, and decided she should bring it in and have "her moment".  She was so happy, our cheering became genuine and a tradition was born...we especially find it delightful that she brings it in but has never made it;)

This picture makes me exceedingly glad, because it catches her and all her turkey carrying joy;)

There is so much to be thankful for...few of them on my list are things.  My heart bursts with the amount of love I have in my life.  Thankful seems inadequate a word.


  1. Kim: This is a great post! Not just because it shows what a wonderful and fun Thanksgiving you had but because it catalogs all of your sisters - with photos! Your kids are getting so big! My goodness.

  2. I adore that look of glee as the turkey is being presented ~ awesome! ~ Nikki

  3. love it! we did have a wonderful day....I especially loved all the touches that you added to the meal, the cards, funny hats, turkey-it just made it fun! Karla