Saturday, November 19, 2011


Poop- one of my sons favorite words.  We have not got him the Everybody Poops book.  It would just be the source of endless jokes from this little tyke.  Somedays I fear my only memories of him from this age will be of his potty humor, and just in case that fear would at all start to subside, he'll throw in a moment like this:

On Thursday as I was putting Phin to nap he said,  "I just peed in my diaper!"  I said, "Phin, if you knew you were peeing you should have told mommy or just run to the potty."  Phin, "I am going to poop now."  Me: "well, then let's sit on the potty."

I spent 45 minutes with my little guy reading books while he sat on the potty.  He got thrilled about a few "toots", which were accompanied by laughter or little phrases like, "oh!  Did you hear that one, mommy?" It is funny in retrospect, but as I am trying to teach him some resemblance to manners, I held the laughter at bay and just calmly responded with, "I am glad your body is working."

I was supposed to be on Skype with my friend from England at this time and I knew I had missed her.  It would have been okay had he actually pooped, but after 45 minutes and ring around his bum, I was convinced that he was putting off nap, so I decided to call it a day.  Just at that time, I heard my skype calling.  YAY!  I'd get to see Heather and her baby after all; I told Phin to put the books back in his room while I talked to Heather.

I was on skype for all of 2 minutes when my little guys comes waltzing into the kitchen sans Pullup and loudly declares to me and, by way of skype, Heather, "I pooped on my carpet".  REALLY?  REALLY?  For 45 minutes you can't poop and yet not two minutes later, mysteriously can't hold it for a walk back to the toilet!

Heather look immediately horrified, but then her face just showed complete pity for this mommy when he added, "don't worry, I cleaned it up"

Seems he always picks the wrong times to be helpful! One can't help but laugh and try to cherish the moments, poop and all.

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  1. Thanks for the laugh, friend!
    "This too shall pass" :)