Thursday, October 27, 2011


Ava my five year old takes off every bit of clothing when she has a bowel movement.  We aren't sure why.  She doesn't strip when she has to pee, but if it's BM time, you can count on the fact that Ava is naked and will be in the bathroom for a LONG time...usually with an arsenal of books (I hope Ava doesn't hate me when she's older because I am sharing this information;).
She seems to have to go about naptime.  Usually it is after I put the little ones down and put her in her room for quiet time.  It doesn't bother me or affect anyone else, I give her privacy and let her do her thing.  If she happens to go when the kids are awake, however, my younger children have no respect for privacy.  Ava doesn't care and actually seems to enjoy their company.  I am constantly talking about privacy and saying "the bathroom is not a place to hang out and play, finish your business and then you can play with Phin and Chloe".  I am always directing the two little ones out and repeating my speech and actions at least once before they occupy themselves elsewhere.

A couple days ago the above had occured.  Phin was playing in his room (or so I thought) and Chloe was with me unloading the dishwasher as I attempted to load it.  I hear commotion and return upstairs just in time to witness hilarity.  Phin was pointing his finger at nude Ava and who was standing up (obviously having completed her business) and declaring in an angry, loud voice, "STOP!  The bible says no show you bum at people, Ava!"

I had to control my laughter.  Then regain control again after Ava replied, " oh yeah, where is THAT verse Phin?"

(In case your curiousity is killing you- I resolved the problem by talking with Ava about what the bible says about MODESTY and talking with Phin about being obedient and giving Ava privacy in the bathroom;)

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