Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bye Bye Blues

I hate to admit it, but I really struggle with the blues this time of year.  I've never been formally diagnosed, but both Marc and I often have wondered if I have Seasonal Affect Disorder.  I am usually a pretty high energy, active person.  Once the cold, dreary, dark weather sits in, I find it very hard to keep motivated and moving.  I have a hard time with my attitude and really struggle, especially on the really dark days.  Last winter, here in Sheboygan, was very sunny and I didn't have as much trouble...I am hope this year reveals the same.

Yestererday was very dark and dreary.  I was nursing a headache and really had to force myself to take care of my take a new mom dinner, which I signed up for a week ago (I am pretty sure she needed a meal more than I needed to crawl in bed and pull the covers over my head;).  I was finishing up some brownies and I have to admit feeling a little sorry for myself, "I have children and have to take care of them and can't just take a hot bath and sip tea and hibernate until spring."  I was in the depths of my moping and hadn't even gotten to the point of trying to snap out of it; I hadn't uttered a prayer for strength or help with an attitude adjustment.  My children were supposed to be in naptime.  I was hoping to finish up the cooking and have some time for a little snooze or just a good cry (over nothing, of course, but sometimes you just need to let it out- ladies, you understand, right?;). 

My moping was interupted suddenly by loud squeals and feet bounding down the stairs.  My children, obviously, were not napping and they loudly exclaimed, 'WE HAVE SNOW!  WE HAVE SNOW!"  I was having such a pitty party that I didn't even notice the white stuff outside;)  I can't think of a better cure for the blues than being surrounded by joy.  My first instinct, I must admit, was to grumble in a nasty tone, "get back in your rooms."  Thankfully, I didn't follow through on that thought, but bit my tongue, took a deep breath and instead, took note of their joyous faces and said, "Do you want to put on your snowpants and go outside?"

Just bundling the kids up made me laugh.  It is just a ridiculous process.  We had to find snow pants and thankfully we had boots that fit.  They were so happy, they could hardly stand still for boots and mittens.  To think, I almost let my mouth get away from me and could have thrown them back in bed and missed the moment.  They were all the sunshine I needed to snap me out of my slump.  It was FREEZING and so windy outside, but they had not a care in the world but to experience the wonder of the year's first snow.  They even managed to build a tiny little snow man (or mound if I'm being accurate;). 

When they came inside, we had hot chocolate and marshmallows; even though Phin spilled his hot chocolate all over my freshly mopped floor, I was reminded, yet again, to savor these little moments.  I was reminded that sometimes God meets my needs before I've even asked him to do so.  My kids teach me so much...and wouldn't you know that a good laugh obliterated that need for a good cry.

Nope- no picture of the snow mound.  While I love a good picture, I'd like to direct your attention to the wind in the tree in the back ground?  It was brutal out there and my joy catching had it limits...


  1. I have the same problem in the winter time. I invested in some vitamin D drops and they have helped tremendously! I guess my body was really missing that vitamin that the sun gives :)

  2. Yay for your big victory! I'm proud of you!

  3. love this post! I feel like it should be in a devotional book for moms :-) I can just feel all the emotions as you write :) thanks for sharing! Karla