Sunday, November 6, 2011

Where did that adoption thing come from?;)

Based on my friend Anna's comment a couple days ago, I am posting the link for my initial description of this whole adoption thing;)  We are VERY, VERY early in this process.  We are trying to seek God and not get ahead of ourselves, but just obediently following and pursuing his will.  I originally typed this post because I realized we are really starting down "the road" now and I want to keep a record.  I didn't publish it when I wrote it because I wanted to make sure my husband was okay with having our journey "out there".  After all, we still have more questions than answers, we haven't started any paper work, don't know a country, haven't chosen an agency, etc.  It's feels a bit vulnerable to have "the world" watching as we seek for answers and strive to be obedient.  But I also wonder if blogging from the very get go won't be helpful to someone somewhere at some point;)  When I did publish it, it filed on the date it was written, so yes it was easy to miss, Anna.  Sorry 'bout that;)


  1. Thanks for posting that link! It helps me to know where your heart is right now :) I'm so humbled to be your friend during this journey, even as early as it is :)

  2. Thanks for sharing the link....I was going to go back to see where I missed it. So cool to hear about the beginnings of this amazing journey. I love how transparent you are and how bathed in prayer this decision is for you and Marc. Looking forward to hearing more of the story as it unfolds.:0)