Friday, November 4, 2011

Silly Supper- Teeny Tiny Dinner Night

Know what is becoming the most fun thing about Silly Suppers?  My kids have gotten totally into them.  I can announce, "It's silly supper day!" and they spend all day asking ?'s about what it could be, getting totally excited...and no matter how different the dinner ends up being than their guesses they are overjoyed.  From the most complicated to the simplest (like today)...they LOVE it.  These are the days....these are the days!

Today's Silly Supper was Teeny Tiny Dinner Night.  It's been a LONG few weeks.  We were overdue for a fun evening but I haven't had time and don't have much energy to do anything complicated.  Today I was reminded somethings are super cool without much fuss.  I LOVE THAT!

 We all sat at the kids table of course because it and the chairs that go with it are smaller.

 We used a dessert plate, disposable shot glasses I found at Walmart, baby silverware and I cut the napkins from regular size ones.  For food:  cocktail sausage, mini pretzels, currants, and I made mini cheese sticks.  Our center piece was a small bowl with baby bananas.  (Don't worry we not only had seconds, but thirds and fourths, and....)


 For dessert, mini oreos and milk.

My love of Oreos happens to come from MY dad, so seeing my kids eating Oreos with THEIR dad makes my heart smile:)

"Oreo eyes, Mommy!"

Baby girl was there too;)  I put her high chair on the lowest setting so she was still eye level with us at the Kiddie table;)

This was by far the easiest Silly Supper yet...took be all of 5-10 minutes to set up and everything was store bought...a good reminder that great fun is easy to come by with a little thought and plenty of love!


  1. I thought this was so amazing that I tweeted it :)

  2. Love the memories you're making---and by the smiles on their faces, there's no doubt your family is lovin' it, too! :) ~ Nikki

  3. Oh, the mini Oreos, that is too much!!!! Adorable!

  4. This might be my favorite silly supper yet! What a fun idea!