Thursday, November 24, 2011

Kids say the darndest things

Happy Thanksgiving!  We've had an absolutely wonderful day and I can't wait to share pictures, but as I am not home to upload them, it'll have to wait through the weekend.

I do, however, want to record a couple kid comments from today, because they are hilarious;)

First, Phin randomly asked my sister, "Are you and Jordan from China?"  I have no idea where this came from and when I asked him why he asked her that he said, "I was just wondering.";)

Second, Ava had mentioned a little boy in her class in passing when talking with my neice, Jordan.  Jordan said teasingly, "Oh, Carson, who is that?"  Ava, unphased, replied very matter-of-factly, "He has blond hair and blue eyes.  He's allergic to strawberries and I am going to marry him one day."

I thankful for many, many things- big things like my amazing parents and sisters and brothers in laws, husband and kids, my Savior Jesus Christ, but also for so many little things that bring such bursts of light to my life, like these little kid musings that can't help but bring smiles and laughter.

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