Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ode to a day of Snot

Three snotty kids once lived in a home
There was so much crying, it could be mistaken for a war zone.
They did not seem to be easily appeased
and their poor mama just fell to her knees.
"I surrender" she said, "just make it stop!
 My own little head feels like it could pop."
No one was happy, there seemed little she could do..
 and her poor mental status was coming unglued.

She thought she'd be fine if she could just sleep,
but when she started to doze, into her room one would creep.
They had every complaint and every excuse,
why they themselves just could not snooze.
One wanted cuddles, then all wanted them too
 and one little lap just did not seem to do.
Poor mama coddled, she rocked, and she read;
she sang and she prayed and she gave them their bread.

Though the end of the day seemed a long time coming,
it did finally arrive with a sunset so stunning.
She finally felt like she could actually breathe
and rise from her drowning in the viral seas.
The day was over and she had survived
She could hardly believe it- she was alive!

Off to bed she'll now go and pray for the best,
that she'll actually sleep and her children will rest.
Oh she's quite aware, the night may be long,
there maybe little interruptions and need for more songs.
Still she must say, no matter how grim it will seem,
that she know she'll be sustained by her Savior and King.

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  1. Kim, that's hilarious. I love the levity you brought to such a hard day. And I do hope things have gone smoother for you in the past few days. Happy Thanksgiving!