Friday, November 4, 2011

Phin's Third Birthday Party

Last Saturday we had Phin's 3rd birthday party.  If you've followed my blog for long at all, you know that, for me, birthday parties are one of my most favorite parts of motherhood.  I love my children and giving them a day to remember is for me and incredible way of showing them my love.

Phineas is obsessed with Toy Story; although Ava had a Toy Story birthday party in the spring, he desperately wanted his own party.  I had to oblige;)  I WAS able to use a lot of the same decorations but I did try to tailor the party to Phin and to three year olds.  I had so much fun....can't wait until next year:)

While we were decorating for the party, Ava so sweetly drew Phineas a Toy Story Scene on our white board.  I LOVE the relationship my children are developing!

When the kids arrived we colored a picture of Buzz and Woody on the rocket (from Toy Story 1) and taped them on cups so they would "go to the sky".  (Here is a link to how to make the jumping cups- my kids LOVE THEM)

 Then we were off to the basement. First, they had to find all the toy soldiers that were on a reconnaissance mission to find out what kind of new toys Phin would get for his birthday, then they got to play bean bag toss to win Toy Story fruit snacks....

 And they used the nerf gun to knock down the Prospector, Zurg, and Sid.

 Games with three year old boys don't last long, so I made Phin dress up like a chicken and he was "Al" from Toy Story 2.  He came and snatched Woody and kids had to get Woody back;)  (My husband is a GOOD Papa!!)
We had a pull string Buzz Lightyear pinata...cuz though I am crazy, I would never give 6 three year old boys large sticks and tell them to hit something;)
My favorite part...three year olds are not greedy yet.  This is the candy left after they each took like one piece;)  We had to encourage them to grab more.  I found it so precious that they are thankful and excited about just one piece.

Our birthday party guests eating pizza and waiting for cupcakes.  

Yes, I forgot to take a picture of the cupcakes.  A) because they really weren't something I put a whole lot of work into.  Phin saw alien sprinkles by the toys story party supplies and only wanted chocolate cupcakes with alien sprinkles.  I obliged.  and....
b)  because I was hobblin' around on crutches and I stepped off the bottom stair wrong the day before and sprained my ankle!  (pictures are usually so important to me, but we do what we can folks, we do what we can)

The final project?  Mr. Potato Head balloons.  I wasn't sure if these would be fun our not- but they were a hit!


  1. Amazing job girl- you are a rockin' party planner!

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