Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Grace for the Good Girl

grace for the good girl by emily p. freeman

My dear friend Christina recently attended the Relevant conference and had a life changing weekend.  She is exuding a light and a freedom that is amazing to witness.  As part of the conference she met the author of "Grace for the Good Girl" and decided to start a virtual book club and go through this book two chapters a week.  So here I go...jumping farther into the virtual world;)  Should you care to join me- check out Chapter One on the author's site.

Grace for the Good Girl- Chapter 1 "Are you a Good Girl in Hiding"

Emily writes very eloquently and heart felt about her own journey of "hiding" behind her good girl image.  She hid behind perfectionism and control and was paralyzed by the thought of being exposed as the imperfect person she is.  She talks about realizing there was little difference between her and the unchristian when her form of faith failed to really realize the freedom found in Christ.  She talks about accepting Christ as her way to Heaven, but failing to realize her deep need for him in her every day life.  She talks about feeling like she needed/wanted to be the perfect wife, the perfect mom, the perfect friend.

She asks what we are hiding from and proposed that the answer reveals what we most fear.  Some of us hide from  our dreams or from others really knowing who we are.  Some of us hide behind rules because it is the only way we feel we can be accepted by God.  She asks us to answer these questions, to really look at areas where we are driven by fear and partial truth, for it is in confronting the answers that we can find Freedom and let Love do the job He wants to in our lives.

My reaction:  Gratefulness for the freedom I have found in Christ.  As is obvious, I am not perfect, but I do at this point in life feel free.  Still, I often fall prey to the same habits or sin I thought I found freedom from.  I resonate with what Emily says because while I don't feel imprisoned now, I HAVE been there and I know I am not immune from returning.  I wish I could say I've conquered this....Jesus certainly has, but just like Peter walking on water, so many times I talk my eyes off the Conqueror and find myself drowning once again.

I look forward to reading more of this book.  I am passionate about authenticity, but I also know it's still a struggle for me.  There are still periods when I realize I am diggin' people's praise or approval.  When that starts happening, I often find I have fallen prey to defining myself by that praise and slowly I realize I am afraid of falling off self built pedestal.  I read this chapter and am thankful for where God has brought me and yet I also know the journey isn't over.  I don't currently feel stifled by any masks, but I know they aren't far away and the temptation to wear them is ever before me.  I know God has more to show me and I look forward to the journey!

Two songs that resonate with me EVERY time I hear them and I couldn't help but think of them with this chapter:

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  1. Oh dear friend...how I love that you wanted to join me! Although you didn't need to :) I look forward to walking this journey with you! Thanks for your neverending support!