Monday, September 20, 2010

You know you are sleep deprived when....

(Hope some of you can have a good laugh at my expense...and others will just realize they are normal;)

1) You run down to the basement to move the clothes from the washer to dryer (a task you intended to do hours before) only to find the washer never started because you left the cover open.

2) You run around the house looking for your car keys, when all the while they were in your hand.

3) You hit the cleaning ladies car that is parked in your driveway while backing out of the garage.

4) You are making a quick run to Walmart and fifteen minutes into the drive realize you missed the turn 13 minutes ago and are driving steadily to nowhere.

5) You forget to call your small group to tell them you won't be coming until 30 minutes after you were supposed to be there...and they were waiting for you to begin!

6) The timer goes off and you open your oven to remove your chicken dinner, only to be shocked by an empty oven. A look around finds your unbaked chicken still sitting on the counter.

7)You burn a sheet of cookies...three times in a row!

8)Your daughters preschool calls to see if she is sick and you realize you completely forgot she was supposed to be at school.

9)You find yourself standing in the middle of the basement with a blank stare on your face as you try desperately to remember why the heck you went down there!

10) You daughters school calls because you have a bunch of frozen food waiting to be picked up for forgot despite the fact that you recieved a reminder email the day before!


  1. girl, you need a good long nap!!! I'm glad you are able to laugh in your exhausted mom phase...

  2. So funny. I would probably have the opposite problem with Joshua and bring him to school on a day he was supposed to be home!