Saturday, September 18, 2010

Friday's After-school Conversation

(names have been changed to protect the innocent)

Ava came home from school today and was quite excited to have had the job of "removing the name tags of the absent children". She reported sharing this job with another little girl in her class- let's call her, "Sue".

I've been curious about what type of child "Sue" is. She was in Ava's 3K class as well. I originally thought her parents were actually her grandparents. From apprearances, I've wondered if sending their child to this private preschool is a huge sacrifice for them. They look like perhaps they really don't have a lot of money. I would like Ava to be friends with this girl because I want her to learn that there are different types of people, that looks don't matter, and that money doesn't matter.

I asked Ava, "Is 'Sue' a nice girl? Do you every play with her?"

She replied, "She is a pretty nice girl. I do try to play with her, but I always smell her butt."

I said, "What?! What do you mean you smell her butt?"

Ava said, "I don't mean I really SMELL it, I mean she smells like her butt. I think maybe she needs potty wipes (we use Kandoo wipes at our house) after she poops."

Seriously folks, what does a parent say to this!!! First, I feel terrible for this little "Sue". I just told Ava, "You never say that to her, do you?" She said, "oh no, I'd never tell her that, that might make her embarrassed."

We talked about how Jesus wants us to love people whether they smell like perfume or poop. I hope she grows to really live that out. I want her to love the unloveable; will she or will she join in when someone else makes fun of "Sue" 'cuz unfortunately, they will.

I just wasn't prepared for this to start being an issue at 4! Just two years or so ago she'd sit happily in her own stinky poop. Times they are a changin' and I'm not quite sure I'm ready!

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  1. I feel like I probably shouldn't laugh at this conversation but it is pretty funny :) Poor SUE! Ava usually speaks her mind so freely, good for her that she knows not to embarrass little Sue.....she will be a kind friend :) Karla