Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My sister called yesterday. She didn't know I was blogging again and thanked me for making her laugh. She said, "Reading your blog is like an escape for me. I read it and I laugh. I also, no offense, think "today might be bad, but at least I don't have Cream of Wheat on my floor." I had to laugh. Really, Cream of Wheat all over the kitchen floor isn't that big of a deal, nor is a ketchup covered kid or a screaming baby. In stressful moment, they feel overwhelming, but they all end.

I am glad I can make my sister laugh. In truth, I blog because I often laugh at myself at the end of the day. These days with three little ones can feel completely out of control sometimes, but in my rare moments of solitude, I smile. These kids are nuts, but they are mine and I love them. I really will miss these days; even know I have enough sense to know that to be true.

Someday, Ava won't want to talk my ear off. Phin will prefer throwing a football with his friends over throwing food to entertain me. Chloe will certainly develop her own mind, likes, and tastes and won't want me to hold her for five minutes let alone an entire day. The fingerprints on my windows and walls will one day be wiped clean and not instantly replaced. Yes, I blog to vent, but also to keep a record and remember- these are precious times, both the good moments and the bad, because they are MY times with MY beautiful kiddos. I wouldn't trade them for the world!

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  1. Kim, you know I think your kids are absolutely darling! Your ability to laugh and keep perspective on life is refreshing and makes me smile. Yes, it goes by all-too-quick. Before you know it your "baby" will be driving and you'll wonder where the time has gone. But as I'm discovering, each new season seems to be my new favorite. Enjoy and treasure each and every moment! Hope to see you soon ~ have a beautiful new week!