Saturday, September 18, 2010

Snot, Snot...and did I mention, Snot?

Phin is sick. Chloe is sick. I am sick. Bummer.

I have to admit I don't even remember what it is like to be able to lay on the couch or in bed when you are sick. Is that a nice feeling? Could someone remind me what that is like?

Being sick as a mom is the equivalent of having to go through the day with a vice grip on your head. A locked vice grip. And some stranger has run off with the key.

My two youngest are sick. They both need mommy. Yesterday I was feeling decent and it was tough; today is a bit more difficult. My arms and legs work and they give pretty good cuddles, my head is kind of the problem. It's hard to focus. Crying is a bit annoying. My nose is dripping profusely and it becomes rather inconvenient when it drips while I am trying to nurse my snotty baby.

On top of this, we have company- house guests. They are family and we love them. Thankfully, I was organized ahead of time as to what I was serving for breakfast and we have dinner reservations tonight. I just kind of feel like the opposite of "the hostest with the mostest". I might as well be saying, "Would you like a generous helping of germs with your eggs?"

Good times. Good times.

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