Sunday, September 19, 2010


I love to read. It is one of my passions that has been able to carry easily into mommyhood. It's my escape from reality on hard days. It is my source of intellectual stimulation. It is my resource for parenting answers.

I read books of all types, but one of my favorites is historical fiction. I love books that take place in the old west or in colonial times. I often wonder if I was born in the wrong era. Frontier life sounds exciting and I love running away to those time periods through a good book.

Today, however, I was reminded just how fortunate I am to be living TODAY! My husband helps me...a lot. There is no pretense of male domination in our home. I love to serve my husband and children, but am so thankful that my service is not expected or unappreciated. In fact, my husband strives just as hard to serve me!

We had house guests this weekend, whom I love. They are great. I realized though how much Marc really does for himself. He doesn't need me to make him a sandwich or suggest what he should eat for breakfast. He doesn't need me to tell him what to wear- in fact, if I dared lay out his clothes, I bet he'd put them back away and find his own outfit;) I am glad he considers the children his responsiblity, as well as mine. We take care of one another, but we also take care of ourselves. I am so glad.

I know this is partly cultural and partly generational. But whatever the reason- thank GOD for the culture of our home and for the generation we were born in! I think I would be one grumpy wife if I had to do every little thing for my husband.

Today, Marc stayed home with the sick kids so I could get to church. He let me then take a good nap since I'd been up most of the night with the baby. Sure he's tired, but instead of complaining, he said, "days like today give me so much appreciation for what you do all week." Yes sirree- I am thankful for this man and for the way we go through life as a team. The wild west and different cultures are exciting to read about, but a little snap shot of a different family, made me realize I've got all I need and want in life right where I am.

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