Monday, September 27, 2010

Foiled Again

Today after picking up Ava from school, I decided to pick up lunch at McDonalds. It seemed like a great idea.

We are having people over tonight for Monday night football. Getting ready to have 20 people arrive at 6:30pm when you have three children is in itself on the level of insanity. I figured I would help myself out by buying lunch- no mess.

Being the "sneaky" mom that I am, I didn't offer them ketchup. They were eating McDonalds fries- they are a treat on their own. They don't need ketchup, right?

I left Ava and Phin with their cheeseburgers and french fries, sitting neatly at the kitchen table and went upstairs to feed Chloe. I returned 15 minutes later to find Phin COVERED in ketchup. I forget how capable Ava is. He asked for Ketchup, she provided...and boy, did she provide PLENTY.
Not only did she give him some on his wrapper for his fries, she made a ketchup "burger" for him on his bun because he had eaten his cheeseburger by itself and she felt he needed something to replace it in his bun. NICE.

My plans for a no mess lunch seemed so logical...I forgot kids usually don't cooperate with "great plans".


  1. that kethup face is worth the clean up!!!

  2. AND the it ended up being SO WONDERFUL to have people here. It wasn't as stressful of a day as I imagined it would be and having this house filled with people and laughter made us both so glad. Why have a big house, if you can't use it! It was the best feeling to be able to host in it!

  3. Someday - may not today or tomorrow - but someday you will look back at these pictures and laugh!!!! He is so cute covered in ketchup!!!!

  4. Oh Kim, you are so right. Why have a big house if you can't share it. That's what I feel about this house God let us borrow. :)
    Phin is too cute with his ketchup face!