Friday, September 3, 2010

I'm ready for a Dr. Phil visit...

Packing for a family of five is exhausting. It is actually downright overwhelming- so much so that I am taking a break to blog, because I couldn't keep everything straight. Okay- that isn't true- I just didn't WANT to keep it all straight;P

I forget how much junk I pack for baby. I suppose I could simplify but I am all about making our time on a trip as easy as possible. (ie. I don't want to carry her around all the time, so I am bringing a bouncer and floor gym.) We also need the pack-n-play, diapers, sound machine...and enough changes of clothes to cope with her current stage- "pooping from neck to ankle".

I actually am a little embarrassed by how full our van will be for just four days away. It is a bit ridiculous. I used to make fun of my older sister cuz she always packs like EVERYTHING she owns for a trip, no matter the length; forbid that the mood would ever strike for an outfit and she not have it with her! I think she has that hoarding disease when it comes to clothes. Looking around at all our stuff, I'm thinkin' I might have that disease too- only in some weird form related to children's items. Imagine if I forgot anything and would actually have to take a trip to Target and BUY something! I mean I can't seem to stop spending money there in my normal life, why am I so concerned about avoiding it on vacation?

I need therapy....


  1. I miss Target!!!!! I think I'm going into withdrawal. LOL.
    As for all the stuff, it gets better. I remember packing up all that stuff with us. I'm so glad those days are over. However, kids start to pick up random street finds that you start to find laying all over the house. It's either one thing or another in this life. :)
    Hang in there, you're a good awesome momma. <3

  2. Too funny (I know, not for you yet). I remember those days so well....thus the rooftop & rear carriers that we own!