Thursday, September 9, 2010

OH Well...

Tonight at dinner Phin ate strawberries and then he ate more strawberries...and then some more. I just didn't feel like arguing with him this evening. Marc quickly pointed out, "It's either argue now or deal with his diarrhea in the morning." Soon our conversation turned from strawberries to diarrhea, as my four year old loudly exclaimed, "Did you just say DIARRHEA!?" She began laughing hysterically.

I was going to embark on a conversation about potty talk and appropriate behavior for young ladies, but instead said, "Laugh away, Sweet Pea, I would have thought that was funny when I was four, too." In truth, I still often find poop funny. How can I expect her to have self-restraint when I've been known to bust a gut a time or two about the same topic.

The only problem is now I've given her permission to laugh and boy did she run with it. She wanted to know how strawberries cause diarrhea and what other fruits cause diarrhea. I tried to keep it scientific and then once again "blew it" by laughing myself when she stated, "well, bananas make you have rabbit poop." Where she heard this I have no clue, but once again I fear I have failed to achieve supermom status. I am raising a girl who will talk less than lady like and while I was distracted by the conversation my son finished off the bowl of strawberries. Oh well....

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