Wednesday, September 15, 2010


That is one of the cleanest things that crossed my mind at about 10:00am today!

My cleaning service started today. I was so excited I couldn't sleep last night. I've been kind of drowning in all my "to do"s of late. We have a beautiful home, but it is very large and hard to maintain when you get one hour to yourself a day. I end up staying up far too late trying to "do it all". This week is the first time I feel like I may be able to get it all done.

I was trying to keep Phin out of her way this morning while Chloe was finishing napping. Trying to keep Phin doing anything is a challenge. He'd make a mess, I'd be picking it up and before I knew it another room was made a disaster by my "Master of Disaster", Mr. Phineas Sinclair.

When Chloe woke up, I quickly fed her and did my best to pick up and get the two of them in the van so we could get out of the house. Chloe has a MAJOR problem with car seats. (She cries in the car non-stop. We are on our third car seat and she still screams.) I, admittedly frazzled by her screaming, closed the van door, opened the garage door, started the car, and was backing up routinely while looking down at the radio to find the Elmo song Phin was requesting. I was startled into reality by a huge crunch that stopped my car. At first I thought I somehow hit a tree. I had to get out of my car so see the cleaning ladies little Honda parked behind my car. She was parked perpendicular to my van and I SMASHED her two doors. AHHHH! CRAPOLA!

I went into tell her and she immediately said, "Oh it's fine;it's an old car." I had to explain to her it wasn't a small hit and it wasn't okay. Luckily she can open the car doors, but I am pretty sure this little cleaning job is about to get really expensive. :P The day wasn't quite as wonderful or stress-free as I imagined....but the house IS pretty clean.


  1. Found out the total today based on two estimates;P $1107.00....yikers. 30 seconds of stupidity were kind of costly!

  2. This is terrible! When I read this I just sighed and said, "Only Kim" ha! You are wonderful! Don't give yourself a hard time. Remember what I did with the kids and their car seats? There just isn't time to think sometimes...ha! Hope all the insurance stuff goes OK!