Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This morning I was able to get my rear in gear and get out of bed and dressed early enough to get in a power walk before Marc left for work. It was GREAT! I only had about 30 minutes because I didn't want to make him late at all, but it was 30 blissful minutes.

I am not a huge fan of working out in general. I wish I were, but I am just not. The gym tends to get a little claustrophobic for me after a while and treadmills make me nauseous. Workout videos get old quickly and although I am embarrassed to admit it, I don't go to fitness classes because I get really self conscious seeing myself in the mirrored wall. I spend the whole time terrified the instructor will say something about how wrong I am doing a move. It is one area I can't seem to shake off my fear of men.

The only exercise I truly enjoy is being in the outdoors and moving. I don't care if it is walking, running, hiking, or biking. I find it rejuvinating to get my blood pumping and breath in fresh air. This morning was lovely. The air was crisp and the sky was blue. I was able to listen to worship music and pray as I walked. WHAT AN AMAZING WAY TO START A DAY! I am so thankful for it. I was so energized I really attacked the day head on. I felt better at everything...a little positive perspective goes a long way! From creative ideas for activities to staying super calm while disciplinging- today I feel like a success and I am cherishing the feeling!

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  1. You go girl- I feel you for sure, 30 minutes gives new perspective!! Hope you can get out a lot (at least before the cruel winter settles in:)