Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Simple Conversations

Simple conversations that have served to warm my heart, make me giggle, and add delight to my day.

From the back seat of the car, I over heard and then could not help but interject;)
Ava: so, that is how it is Phin. You were made from dust.
Phin: from dust?!
Me: Well...that isn't actually true Ava, you weren't made from dust.
Ava: I didn't say I was made from dust. I said PHIN was made from dust, cuz he is a man. I am a woman, I was made from a rib.
Me: That is true of Adam and Eve, but after that God makes babies in mommy's bellies
Ava: Mom, I learned about creation. Before they are in bellies, boys are made from dust and girls from ribs.
Me: No that was only true of Adam and Eve. After that he uses mommy's and daddy's to make babies.
Ava: How?
Me (internally panicking): WEll, he takes part of the dad and part of the mom and makes a baby. We can learn more about the details when you are older.
Ava: Part of the dad and part of the mom?
Me: Yes, God uses parents to make kids. That is why you guys have eyes that look like papa, why your smile looks like mine, and stuff
Ava: Well that is really cool!

While getting ready for bed...
Ava: Phin, Calm down. What is going on with you? Do you have ants in your pants?
Phin (stopping his frantic jumping and with a very serious and confused look): no, Ava, I have legs

Tonight in the car...
Ava: I know how to spell "good" mom (pronoucing it like goo with a d on the end)
Me: what?
Ava: g-o-o-d, that is good, right? (again pronoucing it like goo with a d)
Me: you are spelling the word good, Ava.
Ava: OH!
a few seconds later
Ava: WOW- do you know if you take an "o" away, it spells God.
Me: I did
Ava (VERY excitedly): MOM! I can spell good God. Listen, G-O-O-D fingerspace G-O-D

(this warmed my heart tremendously. When practicing writing she often runs all her words together without spaces so I've taught her to put her finger down after every word and leave a space. I often will say, "don't forget the finger space". Apparently she is listening;)

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