Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Silly Supper- Campout

We had a LOVELY Indian Summer this past weekend and we knew we had to take advantage of every minute of it; for silly suppoer we wanted to incorporate the outdoors so we decided we'd pretend we were camping;)

 We have a lovely firepit in our backyard and it's just far enough from the house that it's easy to pretend the house isn't there at all;)

We had hot dogs, cheetos, watermelon and for a very special treat the kids got to drink orange soda.  After this snap shot, one might wonder if my son ate a beer brat instead of a hot dog or presume the orange soda had been spiked...I assure you he did not and it was not;)

 No campout is complete until you make S'MORES!

 After it got dark, we got out flashlights and made silly flashlight faces and sang a few campfire songs.

Since we don't own a large tent and I couldn't convice my husband to buy one for the occasion we "pretended" we were outdoors and the kids slept in mini tents with sleeping bags.  They loved it and I must admit, I loved being in my own bed;)

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