Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Oh, well....

I took a picture of my kids lunch today on the off chance that making a rainbow of my kids veggies might actually help Phin desire them, after all making faces with fruit worked like a charm.  I could have written an eloquent and inspiring blog post about how putting in just a tiny bit of extra effort paid off.  Yes, that was the dream in my little head.  Here is what actually occurred:

I happily presented my cute plate to my children.  A rainbow was made of peppers and snap peas and the strawberry was cut into a heart;  it was a symbol of my love poured onto a plate (pause here to vomit at the artificial sentiment).  Ava said, "Mom, were you trying to make a rainbow?  If you want a rainbow, you need something blue."  Phin said with a large smile and in sing songy voice, "You can't trick me mom, I know that rainbow is really "vegkibbels" and I don't eat "vegkibbels."  Chloe didn't say a word.  She picked up her plate, threw it on the floor (the FRESHLY mopped this very morning floor) and said, "Ah done."

Back to the drawing board....perhaps I could package it in a little box and throw in a cheap toy?


  1. This is absolutely hilarious! and so wrong. Oh how our children tortue us sometimes...ha ha!

  2. love it....my daughter wrote and ode to meatloaf...so don't feel bad...
    Meat Loaf
    I don’t like you
    You taste…like dirty socks.
    Meat Loaf
    You make me want to cry.
    Without you I would be so happy.
    Meat Loaf
    I want to feed you to my dog
    Will you please go away?