Thursday, October 6, 2011

Meet the bane of my existence

This is called an Incline Trainer.  I firmly believe it will one day be classified as a murder weapon.  My trainer, Nick, likes to put me on it and watch me overheat and knock on death's door before letting me off.  I was late for my training session today (I was late because I had to put my kids in childcare and somewhere between the car and childcare my daughter lost her pacifier; she was crying hysterically as I tried to drop her off so I had to return to the car to grab a replacement.  The gym is under construction so the parking lot is SOO far away.)  I swear he was making me pay by trying to take my life.  He even laughs a sinister laugh when I am on this crazy thing and am so out of breath I can't answer the questions he asks me or laugh at his jokes.  

Let's not forget that such activity has long lasting effects on my booty and legs.  Though my heart is still in my chest and indeed  I somehow survived ol' Nick's brutality, I can barely walk up the stairs...and I have no choice but to use stairs ALL the time.  I am sure when my legs look amazing I will be thankful...maybe.  As for today- my legs are still pretty flabby, I am so tired I wonder how I'll be able to properly care for my children and I am so traumatized by my workout I have a feeling Mr. Incline Trainer will make an appearance in my nightmares.

Who invents these torturous devices!!  And can someone please remind me why I am actually PAYING to be tortured?


  1. Please tell me that the incline isn't set where it is in the picture!!!! Have mercy! I think I would put the kids in the daycare, go back out to my car and enjoy a good book, M&Ms and a Diet Coke. Might not have the same results come bathing suit season.:0)

  2. I laugh but totally feel your pain! I did a Zumba class the other night and I was glad that cell phones are not allowed in gyms or a video of me would make me the latest uTube sensation! I don't even do moves like those for my hubby, but somehow I'm supposed to pull it off here!?!? It was a hysterical nightmare! So keep on! We'll both get through it and look great when were done! Thanks for sharing made me SMILE! :)