Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Silly Supper- Upside Down Dinner Night

Silly Supper had to take place on a Monday this week. We did "Upside Down Dinner" night. Altough this idea is one of the newest ones, it got bumped up on my list because Ava keeps looking at the pictures in Family Fun magazine and wanted to try it. (If you want to see the same pictures she's gawked over and more ideas check out their website.) As expected, we had a terrific time!

Because it was a Monday, I kept it pretty simple. I followed the ideas in their article and didn't really stray into my own imagination. I did make my own chicken pot pies; they suggested using the frozen ones, but the meat in those things grosses me out. I had to go to three stores before I found the mini aluminum pie pans, but was delighted that they turned out wonderfully! I must say I make a mean Chicken Pot Pie; It happens to be Ava's favorite meal, so you can imagine her delight at having it for a Silly Super;)

You'll notice for drinks we used bottled lemonade upside down. Getting a hole in the bottom of the lemonade bottles proved a bit more challenging than I anticipated. I had to get out a power tool...quite exciting;)

For dessert, I made simple cupcakes and threw 'em on a plate upside down;) This was the magazine suggestion. Had I more time and the proper supplies in my pantry I do think Pineapple Upsidedown cake would be an obvious choice, as well;)

My husband is a great sport. Fitting under the table is a bit tight for adults;) Chloe was so delighted to be out of her high chair she didn't eat a thing, but had a great time playing underneath the table!

"Cheers!" Silly Supper Number two was simple, but achieved it's purpose- fun, laughter, and all around silliness. Success.


  1. I love this! What a great idea!

    Do you think you could share your super-fantastic chicken pot pie recipe? Thanks!

  2. What a fun mom you are! I love that you even ate under the table. Awesome!

  3. Oh yes...please do share your recipe....and some of your energy....especially on a Monday night!:0)