Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Chloe's Dedication

Last Saturday we had Chloe's baby dedication.  It was a wonderful day and a great reminder that we are a very blessed family.  We not only have a God is who is always faithful, always with us.  We have amazing family and friends.  A baby dedication, for those unfamiliar, is a ceremony in which the parents, in this case Marc and me, formally say they will raise the child God placed in their home not according to their own plans or wishes, but will strive to bring that child up according to God's word and seek to find HIS plan for that child's life.  It's publically recognizing that while this child is "ours" in earthly standards we acknowledge that ultimately she belongs to her creator and we are resonsible to HIM for the blessing of Chloe.
 This is Jon, our Pastor of Family Life and Adult Ministries, and a dear friend
Our family with My Parents, and My sister Katie and Bro-in- Law Brian

Our family with Marc's Parents

Our family with our dear friends, the Steinke's, who drove up from Kenosha.  Tim led worship for the dedication and Chloe gave our baby Chloe a charge.

Our family with the Rubins (up from Chicago)...friends we met in birthing class when pregnant with Ava.  Who knew how close we'd be five kids (collectively) later;)

The Fosters, who also drove up from Chicago...our cup runneth over! 

I sang a song to Chloe at the dedication called a Mother's Prayer.  One line from that songs say, "May his hand bless your future with friendships that last".  It was the line that I had the hardest time singing while maintaining composure for God was certainly done this for Marc and I.  It is humbling to have such wonderful friends!

When the child being dedicated is almost 16 months old and the are various children in attendance, anything goes.  He is Chloe and I believe Caleb as the are explore the stage during the dedication;)

Our little princess toddle to and fro, oblivious to the crowd or the fact that all eyes were upon her;)

In a moment that seemed surreal and divine, our little explorer sat down at Jon's feet as he spoke to her.  It took my breath away.  It was one of the only moments she was still the entire time.

The Prayer of Dedication

Party afterwards at our house...complete with a bounce house for the many kids in attendance who had to sit through the service.  We had to give them an outlet for the energy they had bottled up:)  WHAT FUN!

We could NOT have asked for better weather.  It was beautiful

We kept it casual with pinic fare.

Indeed, Thank You God for Chloe.  May we raise her to be the woman You want her to be!


  1. Oh my goodness, the first picture of Chloe is precious! And that would be Elijah in the background. Would have been nice to assume it was a 16 month old, but unfortunately we couldn't keep our 3 year old under control!

  2. Have I mentioned lately how thankful we are that God brought your family here? We're so glad to follow after Christ, do life, and raise our families together. Love you guys! ~ Nikki

  3. amazing pics- everyone looked great- what a blessing!