Sunday, October 23, 2011

Phin is THREE

Today my favorite little boy in the whole wide world is three.  Three years ago today I was in labor with a giant baby.  The induction went very well.  They managed my pitocin perfectly.  It felt very much like my labor with Ava, which happened naturally.  Central Dupage Hospital is an amazing place to deliver and I loved the nurses caring for me.  As it came time to push, however, I started to get sick and cold and clammy.  I literally was pushing and vomitting simutaneously.  I was sure I would not survive the experience.  I have never felt so horrible in my entire life.  At 11:53pm my HUGE baby boy came into the world.  He was precious and as all my children, I was immediately captivated and hopelessly in love.  I had a few complications afterwards and it wasn't the ideal experience, but I was in love.

His first year was ripe with difficulty.  He has RSV at two months; he had milk/soy protein intolerance.  He then developped Reactive Airway Disease (basically what they call Asthma before they are older enough to officially test and diagnose it as asthma;)  He ate and grew and grew and grew.  Worst of all he didn't sleep- at all.  I did not sleep more than about 45 mintues at a time for the first two months.  I got an amazing stretch of 2 hours here and there, never more. Again, I thought I wouldn't survive.  About 6 months, he seemed to outgrow much of his difficulty and by a year, my boy became an angel.

I wouldn't trade a moment of it.  He is a gem, precious beyond words.  Phineas means face of compassion.  We believe God led us to his name and one can't argue that the kid has a face that is unspeakable.  He blesses strangers regularily while we are out on errands just by flashin' his smile.  He is kind to them and usually makes them laugh.  I know for some of the older people we run into, this is the highlight of their day, if not week.

Phineas is all boy.  He's a man's man.  He loves to be with his dad or grandpas.  He loves to watch them do "man's work".  He loves to wrestle and he loves to talk about potty stuff.  He is all about making "toot" noises and saying the word "poopy" at the most inappropriate times.

He is obsessed with Toy Story and owns more Toy Story toys than you could imagine.  He is playful and imaginative with them.  He knows lines from the movies and thinks he'll grow up to be Andy;)

Phin is mischievious and gives me plenty of blog ammunition with his antics.  Last weekend we left him with friends and he kindly flooded THEIR least now she knows what I'm talkin' about when I say you can't turn your head on this guy.

He has a heart of gold and regularily tells us he loves us, unprompted by us saying it first.  He will spontaneously tell Ava she is beautiful, tell Chloe she is "SOOO tute" (that is Phin's way of saying, "cute"); He'll tell Marc out of the blue, "Papa, you make me happy." and I get plenty of, "I love you's", "your the best mommy", "You are so beautiful, mama", and "thanks for a good day, mommy".  He loves hugs and kisses and cuddles.  I don't know how long he'll put up with that so I am relishing  every day he's still a cuddly little guy!

He is funny.  REALLY funny.  He tells jokes and laughes from the tip of his toes to the top of his head.  He exudes joy.

What would your lives be without Phineas Sinclair?  I am so thankful we have this little boy in our each and every day.  He is precious beyond words.


  1. We are so thankful for Phin too! He is a wonderful friend to my girls!

  2. I get such a kick out of your boy---his spirit reminds me much of our Luke. Thanking God with you for our remarkable, joy-filled, fun-loving boys! ~ Nikki