Thursday, October 20, 2011


1)  I am completely disorganized and behind at the moment and still I am "wasting" time blogging because I just don't know where to begin...or just don't feel like beginning, perhaps?
2)  My husband bribes me with chocolate...lots of chocolate.
3)  My favorite time of day is nap time when all of my children are in their rooms and quiet.
4)  My second favorite time of day is 7pm when all of my children are in their rooms and quiet.  Trend?
5)  I hate temper tantrums and have to work VERY hard not to lose my temper during a temper tantrum...I am literally only a small step of self control ahead of my toddlers;)
6)  I eat chocolate and drink tea every afternoon.
7)  I dance in my kitchen when I'm feelin' like I need a little pick me up...and it's a good thing the only people that see me are under 5.
8)  My children will probably grow up to be terrible dancers because of #7.
9)  This week I chose to make cards instead of do my laundry and now my laundry pile is as tall as I am...but no regrets...not really anyway.
10) My daughter recently told me the story of overhearing someone getting invited to another person's house after church and she said, 'And MOM they said their house was messy but they wanted to have  ___ over anyway.  Is that okay?"  Perhaps my OCD freakishness is having negative effects!
11) Since my friend Carla outed me on facebook anyway...sometimes when I am home on days like today, I wear red lipstick so that I smile every time I pass a mirror.  (Mind you I don't really smile because I actually LOOK sexy or anything, but I like red and it pops off my milky white skin.  Sometimes I laugh because I look ridiculous, sometimes I glance in the mirror and remind myself I was a hot chick once and put a little swagger in my step.)
12)  I also put on red socks when I'm feelin' down
13)  I really like red
14)  My husband and I both use a little trick- when we are feeling frustrated with the kids and want to yell, "OH YOU DRIVE ME CRAZY" we let it out by yelling, "OOOO, I love you so much!"  It is funny to hear I love you in a "you drive me crazy" tone AND it makes the kids stop and say, "I love you too" ,touched as can be at the sentiment.  It also reminds us that sometimes love IS indeed a choice;)
15)  I like scents...good ones anyway...and love to light candles.  I used to hate florals, but I now love them.  It started small with an affinity toward lavendar, but I recently realized I am totally old when I started enjoying rose scent...
16)  Speaking of old, I love spanx.
17)  I have a zit in my nose that has been bugging me since's Thursday- how long could a zit possibly hang around?
18)  While I waited anxiously to hear mama for the first time from each of my children today I feel like I could probably go without every hearing it again...the kids are bathing and getting ready for bed and their "mama! Mama! Mama!"s are still ringing in my ears...
19)  Guess what?  my working out at the gym is paying off and I can go across the monkey bars- I couldn't do that this summer...I am an amazon woman...sort of...
20)  I love pizza....LOVE pizza.
21)  I drink diet coke out of sheer necessity...most days I'd give anything for a coke...well, anything except being heavy again, which is the whole reason I suffer through the diet crap...
22) I used to iron our insanity, but it was heavenly to sleep on ironed sheets.  Now, I am so behind my iron board is lost under the mound of clothes that sit upon it waiting to be ironed.  I'll probably end up rewashing them instead.
23)  I love the show Survivor and have watched each and every season.
24)  I love cheesy movies....
25)  My husband just had an accident...he was carrying the bag of diapers from Chloe's diaper bin and one end wasn't tied tight enough...diapers fell all down the stairs.  I should have helped him but I sit ,here laughing hysterically as I listen to his, "oh gross, oh gross! This smell is horrible, I think I am going to vomit.  How can a human possible make such a horrific smell."  HILARIOUS;)
26)  No one really cares about this list...I wonder how long I could keep typing these random things?  I bet forever....

I'll spare you...and go help my husband, afterall he DID bring me home chocolate tonight!


  1. The diaper part was the funniest. I can hear him complaining now...

  2. I care very much about your list. Love every post!

  3. did you know that out of all of those the one I got the most excited about was Survivor! OMG