Friday, April 1, 2011

Perhaps aliens have invaded our home?!

Remember these sweet children? Remember when they loved each other; when she made him his very own piggy bank that said "Ava Phin Love" and he indeed LOVED the sorry looking little pig. The have somehow disappeared today. Is it a full moon by any chance?

These little munchkins woke up from nap (rest time in Ava's case) and apparently got out of the wrong side of their individual beds. It was as if there was a conspiracy to drive mommy insane. They were up for 30 minutes. In that time they each had multiple time outs. They were at each others throats, just bugging one another. I sat them down and talked to them about 15 minutes ago; I tried to remind them that they love one another and can have fun together when they work together. I also warned them that I have a headache and I wasn't going to put up with their screaming and being mean to one another. Apparently, they didn't take me seriously.

They are now both back in their rooms until their father gets home. I even ACTUALLY said, "you may now both go to your rooms until your father get's home." I became THAT mom. I am surprised they even knew who I was talking about. I can't remember ever before calling Marc "you father":).

Admittedly, I probably over did the discipline, but I have a headache and now it is quiet...well, except for the faint sound of a two year old and a four year old crying "I don't want to be in my room". On the up side, they are fortunate that Marc leaves work early on Friday and that he'll be home in about 15 minutes. Guess we just don't follow the time out= one minute for every year of the child's age thing...

Here's hopin' to a better evening complete with the disappearance of the imposter hoodlums and the return of my adorable children!

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  1. funniest part of this...picturing the kids whimpering in the background that they didn't want to be in their rooms-they both have fun rooms and they were still crying over having to be in there. Oh, the drama of childhood. Wouldn't it be great if our greatest problems were having to stay in our rooms? :) Karla